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First Time Sledding

Those you that know me well know that I don’t like playing in snow very much. Even as a child I hated getting cold, and playing in snow means getting cold. However we have gotten two free sleds through Titus’ job and when a friend called and said she was taking her kids sledding I knew I had to go. “Alright, we will meet you there!” I told her. “But I really don’t know how long we will be there. Probably only 10 min. Faith will get cold pretty fast.” Boy was I wrong. When we got to the park I put Faith on a sled to watch everyone. I figured the longer she sat there the less snow would get on her and the less snow = less coldness. And yes, that is Faith not some random boy baby. I don’t really want to talk about her boyish snow gear.


The green sled is much bigger and heavier so I thought it would be the better one of the two.


The snow was pretty fluffy and was much better for making snow forts and snowman. But I walked up and down the hill to pack down the snow and then the kids could go down really fast.




And then all of sudden Faith figured out what was going on. That girl loves sledding!


Apparently the green sled is slow and the fast one is the blue one. The green sled just creeped along and was perfect for Faith. I actually put her on and shoved her down the hill by herself. 🙂


James and his friend Addy


James just loved sledding! He would zip down the hill on the fast blue sled barely sitting down before moving! Here he is on his tummy:


James and Faith


Faith wanted to go on the fast one so James held onto her and they went down together. James is such a good big brother!


Have you noticed the lack of pictures of Gideon? That’s because he got cold very early on and played in the truck the rest of the time.


So much for Faith being cold and saying we would only sled for 10 min! We were there for about an hour, and James and Faith made it the whole time! Apparently Gideon has Mommy’s genes. 😉 This is my favorite picture. The cold finally caught up with James, but Gideon who has been playing in the truck with the sun beating down on the windows is happy as pie!


When we got home the kids all drank hot chocolate together! What a great morning! I am so so so glad that Lisa unknowingly forced us to go sledding!


“Mommy, winter came back.”

After weeks of warm weather (like really warm! I had to put sunscreen on the kids a few times!) we woke up to this last Monday morning:


“Mommy?” James said to me


“Winter came back.”


Yes dear son it sure did!  I knew in my heart it was too early for spring (and the weather man kept tell us that as well). Even my daylilies thought it was spring! I’m not sure they will make it until spring or not now. 😦


The snow was so pretty though and so fluffy I wanted to take pictures of the kids in it. James didn’t want to but Gideon and Faith were willing participants.


I got this coat from Grandma Sharon. We are hoping it will bring back spring! 😀

IMG_3821 IMG_3822

Gideon. He is just a month and a half away from 3 years!

IMG_3827 IMG_3823

Mommy and Faith (14 1/2 months)


James finally decided he was missing out. But he forgot his coat.


What do we do in the house after spending the last several weeks outside? We actually went shopping that morning. It was president’s day and my favorite second hand stores were 50% off. And there I bought this kid’s board game. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life playing this with your kids then DON’T BUY IT!! This is now their favorite game. I am constantly playing it with them.


Also we got a big box in the mail from Grandma. The kids really like these big boxes they get in the mail! 🙂 James and Gideon sitting on the box before we opened it:


Grandma didn’t even know that Gideon’s favorite story is the 3 little pigs. This shirt was a big hit!!


James and Gideon playing with the new toys from Grandma. Thanks Grandma!


The Penner Family as Snowmen

If anyone knows me well knows I don’t like to “play” in the snow. I’m not fond of sledding, I HATE snowball fights, even snowmobiling isn’t that fun (but I’ve only done that once or twice so maybe I haven’t given it a good enough try).

Anyway, James has been asking to make a snowman and we got an inch or two of very wet snow last night.  So I hid my displeasure and while Faith took her  morning nap the boys and I went outside and made a snowman family.

I am obviously not very good at this.  The middle snow ball ended up the same size as the bottom snow ball. 😦


And then when I put it on top of the first snowball it broke all over the place. James kept saying, “It’s okay Mommy. It’s okay!”


James got really good at rolling snowballs.


Gideon liked to pat snow on top of the heads.


James tried to dig up some rocks for eyes, but it was a lot of work so we abandoned that idea after just a few.


Almost done, the “noses” were momentarily being eaten so we had to wait until Gideon was done with that!


Meet The Daddy (complete with a USMC hat)


The Mommy and Baby Faith

(Gideon had just dumped a bunch of dirt on the head so it looks like the mommy has a black eye)


Meet James and Gideon


The  Penner Snowman Family


I actually had a really fun time and I think it’s because it was so warm  outside.  Whatever it was we had fun!

Can you imagine the Duggers making their family into snowmen?

Today at the park…..

It’s been on the cold side (all you MN people be quiet!!) for the last few weeks and we haven’t been to the park in a while.  My boys I think have cabin fever or something, from not going anywhere.  So today when it reached 60 I packed everyone up in strollers and a bike and took them to the park.  By the time we got there the wind had kind of picked up and Gideon was mad because James brought a bulldozer and he didn’t have one.  The snow has been melting all day so there were large puddles all over the place, which of course my boys had to play in.  Do you know what happens when little boys play in puddles in Feb???? THEY GET COLD!!! James decided he didn’t want to ride his bike home and of course he would do that to me on the day I took the stroller and not the wagon! This was the very first time I had taken the double stroller with Faith’s car seat.  As you can see below the stroller wasn’t made for two toddlers, a bike, a car seat, and a baby.  Something (or one) had to be bumped off.  I am soooo happy I threw the Moby in the stroller last minute!!


I totally wore the wrong skirt to the park.  I love love love the long maxi skirts, but when there is slush on the ground it gets so dirty.  I really hope I can get it clean.


Both boys were crying because they were cold. At least Faith was nice and warm in the Moby. She was asleep too!


 It’s almost all up hill on the way home, and before you think I’m amazing, I only made it about a block before Titus came to get us. 🙂


You might think the park trip wasn’t worth it, and I might have agreed with you except for the mom I met there today.  I never caught her name, but I do know that she:

a. Had three kids in three years

b. Grew up on a farm in Montana (her parents are visiting right now and as soon as I saw her dad I knew they were farmers. 😉 ) I think she was home schooled too.

c. Moved here with her husband to go to Denver Seminary

d. Her husband is going to school on the GI Bill (no joke!!)

e. When I said that because of the GI money and some VA disability money and really cheep rent Titus doesn’t have to work and is home a lot she just nodded her head and said, “My husband too.” (No this isn’t a dream!)

f. She literally lives just a few blocks from us.

She got my number and I really really hope she calls me and we can have them over. She said that they live in an apartment and don’t have a yard or anything. I told her to come over any time because we have a great backyard that is fenced in and lots of riding toys for the kids!! God works in such wonderful ways! 😀

When I thanked Titus profusely for coming to get us he said, “You were only 2 blocks from home!” I just might have slapped that boy if Valentine’s Day wasn’t tomorrow! 😀


Spring cook out – Winter walks

Last week we had such nice weather. So nice that I ran to the store and got some wood and hot dogs/brats to cook outside.  My little men were so excited about it. Titus cooking a brat. He gave me the first one, he’s so sweet to me!


The little people enjoying themselves: (I love how Gideon is looking at his hotdog!)


You can see me and Faith in the background. Can you believe I was actually worried she might get a sunburn? Is this January?


My country boy! Love him!


Faith and Mommy:




The next week (yesterday) we got dumped on with snow.  And we are supposed to get more every few days for the next week or so.  Maybe winter has finally come to Colorado?  Titus was asked to shovel the church side walks after it snows and of course James has to help. Aren’t they cute together?




The snow on his boots bothered him a bit:


Then the snow on his hands from touching his boots bothered him:


I should wear big sunglasses more often in pictures because it covers up my awful eye bags that are totally hereditary!


Exploring in the snow:


Kinda looks like the tree wants to start budding!


Gideon really wanted to be with Titus and James, but we had to stay in the back yard because Faith was sleeping and I had to keep checking on her.  This didn’t go over very well so after some crying we went back inside.


Winter Park Days

The past week as been so nice.  We have gone to the park three days in a row.  It’s great for my boys to run off some energy and to get some very valuable vitamin D.


On this day at the park there were twin 3 year old girls that had just as much energy as my boys.  James loved playing with them.



My little ham




Titus went with us to the park this day.  I took all the kids on Sunday by myself and it was a lot.  So I made him go with us.


Our little princess!


At the edge of the park is a Christmas tree recycling picking point.  It’s super depressing to walk by this every time we go to the park.  Our tree is in there some where:


Bacon and Eggs, chocolate style!

A few weeks before Christmas I was talking to a friend on the phone and she was telling me how to make bacon and eggs out of chocolate and pretzels.  Well the next thing I knew she was on my door step with everything I need to make them! What a sweet friend.  James and I just did them today and it was fun. Below is a step by step picture of what happened:


First we had to sort the M &Ms so we could get all the yellow ones (for the yoke of course).  It took a bit for James to understand, but as you can see from the picture with the green candies he did get it! I as so proud!

Then we had to line up the pretzels to look like bacon strips. The second picture is what they looked like after James fell off his chair and bumped the wax paper on his way down. ha ha!



Then came the placing of the yolks


Cheering himself on:

The finished look! We even had one egg with 3 yokes! wow!


The very best part was all the great, unlimited chocolate eating!


It was the perfect thing to do on a cold, snowy day. Thank you Diane for the great idea and for all the ingredients! 😀


The back yard My bird feeder.