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Beating the Thrush Bully, and other nursing news

I’m on my third nursing child now.  Faith is almost 2 months old and so far I have not had to give up any food.  This is very encouraging!  With James I had to give up dairy for quite a while, and Gideon I gave up wheat AND dairy for about 2 or 3 months.  It’s hugely unfair, but I do it for my babies because I know it’s the best thing for them!  It’s the whole dying to ones self that happens when you become a mom.  Nursing Faith has not been a picnic though. In the first month I had a plugged duct and a milk blister (both of which are really really painful). As I was getting over those I started to think I had thrush.  I had thrush when Gideon was about a month old, so I knew some of the signs.  I had some burning after Faith would eat, and I was kinda pink, and she was having a hard time latching on.  All of these are signs of thrush.  I had a hard time getting rid of it with Gideon, partly because I had a really really bad case (because it went on for so long with me knowing what was wrong), and because he got thrush in his mouth.  But I caught it really early with Faith, and since she didn’t have it yet I went the home remedy route.


(the most modest nursing picture you’ve ever seen!)

There are tons of home remedies out there for thrush so you have your pick of what you want to do.  I’m over two weeks free of any symptoms so I think thrush is gone for good!  And I never saw a doctor! 🙂  I started with Gentian Violet.  You can buy this pretty much anywhere that has a pharmacy. The good thing about this is that it treats both mother and baby.  It doesn’t always work (it didn’t help with Gideon), so I decided to do something else as well.  


(Totally satisfied! She loves to nurse!)

I had read a few different places that baking soda helps balance the PH level in your body. A yeast infection is an imbalance of PH in your body.  One website I read said to mix 1T with water and drink daily, one website said 2t and one site said 1t.  Well I got out that tablespoon, and knew right away that I couldn’t do it.  So I did 2 teaspoons mixed in water the first day. It. was. horrible!!  I burped baking soda the rest of the day!  So the next day I did only 1 teaspoon, which I got down, and did that for the next 10 days. It seemed to get easier to get down as the days went on.  I also took a probiotic that specialized in yeast imbalance (I’m still taking this).

I think it was a mixture of all these things that helped get rid of the thrush. My midwife said she thinks I’m just prone to yeast infections, not something anyone wants to hear.  But at least I have a plan next time!  I bought some grapefruit seed extract that is also supposed to be really good at getting rid of thrush.  I think I’ll try that next time instead of the Gentian Violet since that can be kinda messy.

I’m also dealing with toddler gymnastics while I nurse Faith.


Yes I did take that picture while nursing and being attacked all at the same time. It is extremely annoying! Everything I’ve done hasn’t helped.  Almost every time I sit down to nurse I have Gideon crawling all over my shoulders.  Hopefully it’s just a stage that will go away very soon. Any thoughts anyone has that might help I’m an open book.  Every time he climbs up on the chair I tell him he has to sit nice or he has to get down.  I’ve been pretty consistent too, at putting him on the floor as soon as he climbs up on my shoulders.  It hasn’t helped.  I’ve tried reading to him or distracting him with other things, no go. I usually end up calling for Titus to come help and even that doesn’t work sometimes!

Even though I haven’t had the easiest of times nursing, I still like it.  And honestly I’m to lazy to bottle feed.  With nursing it’s always ready, the perfect temperature, I can’t forget it at home, I can’t run out and I don’t have any bottles that need washing (I have a hard enough time keeping up with the dishes!). I’m not going to forget to mention the amazing benifites it gives to my kids, and the fact that it’s lowering chances of getting breast cancer for me. I know it’s not for everyone, but for me it’s great!


No one wants to hold a crying baby…but mom has no choice!

Being a mom is hard.  My first son taught me that and my second son is continuing to teach me.  This week has been particularly hard.  I’ve been given the opportunity to be even more selfless then normal. 

We moved into a new house last week.  It’s a big beautiful house and I’m so happy and excited to live there.  It was a stressful exhausting week though.  On Sunday night I ate some left over soup that apparently wasn’t good.  I was sick for the next 24 hours.  I am so glad the rest of my family didn’t eat it.  To make things worse, the last few weeks breastfeeding has become more and more painful. I didn’t think much of it, but it got so bad that last Sunday I told both my mom and Titus that I was ready to quit.  I’m terribly cracked and sore on one side and I would hold Gideon crying on my lap trying to get enough gumption to latch him on.  I would have to count to three and the yell while he nursed.  I went to see a lactation consultant and she said she thinks I have Thrush.  The thing I read the most about Thrush is how terribly hard it is to get rid of.  lovely.  I can’t think of a time in my life where I’ve been so selfless.  I don’t want you to think I’m a saint, because I’m  not.  I dread feeding my son.  I want to give up so much, but I can’t.  I know that even though I’m in terrible pain it’s still the best thing for him.  I’ve started some medicine and it seems to be helping a little bit.  I’m in less pain, but still not comfortable.  I also gave up dairy products two weeks ago in hopes that it will help my son not cry so much, poop more often, and have less gas. I was at a wedding today and couldn’t eat most of the stuff there.  Then I came home and made my husband a pizza. sigh.  I want a piece of pizza so bad. But so far the dairy-free diet hasn’t helped and I’m so discouraged.  I’m wondering if I should give up wheat.  And I’m so depressed about the thought.  I really really really don’t want to do that.  Not even for two weeks just to see if it helps.  But the thought is still back in my head, probing, wondering, “what if it would help?”  Is it worth it?  So we have the painful nursing, we have the diet restrictions and to top it off, I am so behind on sleep.  Gideon is going to bed so late.  James woke up probably every hour last night.  Titus doesn’t want him to sleep in our bed anymore so every time he cries I have to go to his room and put him back to sleep.  I didn’t get to sleep in my own bed until 2:30 last night.  I think I slept more in his bed then my own.  Then Gideon decided to get up at 5:30 for the day.  I sat up in bed and just cried.  Sleep deprivation is so hard to deal with.  It should be a torture tactic.  The other day I had the great idea of taking a really fast shower after Gideon goes to bed.  Sure it might be midnight or later, but at least I can be clean.  Both times I’ve tried it James has woken up and needed me.  I seriously can’t even take a shower.  I didn’t mean to write such a ‘poor me’ blog tonight.  I guess maybe I just needed to vent to myself.  I don’t like to complain to Titus, he needs me to be strong.  I don’t feel strong.  And that’s why I tell myself that God’s mercies are new every morning.  Call out to God and He will hear you.  I don’t spend as much time in prayer as I should, and maybe that’s why I’ve been so down lately.  More then anything I need God to be lifting me up, and helping me through my days.  Only He is going to give me the selfless, happy attitude that I need in order to take the best care of my amazing boys, and wonderful husband.  It is good for me to sing songs to my toddler that remind me of God’s goodness.  We all need that reminder from time to time.