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Today at the park…..

It’s been on the cold side (all you MN people be quiet!!) for the last few weeks and we haven’t been to the park in a while.  My boys I think have cabin fever or something, from not going anywhere.  So today when it reached 60 I packed everyone up in strollers and a bike and took them to the park.  By the time we got there the wind had kind of picked up and Gideon was mad because James brought a bulldozer and he didn’t have one.  The snow has been melting all day so there were large puddles all over the place, which of course my boys had to play in.  Do you know what happens when little boys play in puddles in Feb???? THEY GET COLD!!! James decided he didn’t want to ride his bike home and of course he would do that to me on the day I took the stroller and not the wagon! This was the very first time I had taken the double stroller with Faith’s car seat.  As you can see below the stroller wasn’t made for two toddlers, a bike, a car seat, and a baby.  Something (or one) had to be bumped off.  I am soooo happy I threw the Moby in the stroller last minute!!


I totally wore the wrong skirt to the park.  I love love love the long maxi skirts, but when there is slush on the ground it gets so dirty.  I really hope I can get it clean.


Both boys were crying because they were cold. At least Faith was nice and warm in the Moby. She was asleep too!


 It’s almost all up hill on the way home, and before you think I’m amazing, I only made it about a block before Titus came to get us. 🙂


You might think the park trip wasn’t worth it, and I might have agreed with you except for the mom I met there today.  I never caught her name, but I do know that she:

a. Had three kids in three years

b. Grew up on a farm in Montana (her parents are visiting right now and as soon as I saw her dad I knew they were farmers. 😉 ) I think she was home schooled too.

c. Moved here with her husband to go to Denver Seminary

d. Her husband is going to school on the GI Bill (no joke!!)

e. When I said that because of the GI money and some VA disability money and really cheep rent Titus doesn’t have to work and is home a lot she just nodded her head and said, “My husband too.” (No this isn’t a dream!)

f. She literally lives just a few blocks from us.

She got my number and I really really hope she calls me and we can have them over. She said that they live in an apartment and don’t have a yard or anything. I told her to come over any time because we have a great backyard that is fenced in and lots of riding toys for the kids!! God works in such wonderful ways! 😀

When I thanked Titus profusely for coming to get us he said, “You were only 2 blocks from home!” I just might have slapped that boy if Valentine’s Day wasn’t tomorrow! 😀


Home owners!!

A about two weeks ago we moved into the cutest little house.  I am so excited to be living in a place that is ‘ours’.  In Hawaii I loved our apartment, but it was temporary because we were moving back to Minn.  Then we moved into Grandma’s house for “only a few months”. ha ha, Over a year later we finally moved out into our own house. 🙂 I’ve been telling people that I feel like newly weds again, just starting out, except we have two grumpy kids this time around!

My (yes I did say MY!!) house has four bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths.  A beautiful green and yellow tile kitchen and a fire place in the living room.  It was built in the 1930, a tan stucco house!  It’s adorable.  A few years ago someone built a sun room onto the back, so we have a lovely three season room off the back.  Prefect for playing while it’s raining outside.  I also for the first time have my very own washer and dryer! yay!  Titus isn’t doing the laundry anymore.  Even though we really do want to live in the country, for a town house we are very nicely situated just down the street from the store, library and park. 

A picture of our house and it’s happy home owners:


I hate the awnings over the windows and door and I have high hopes that those will be taken off some day. 

In other great news we finally heard back from the VA. They did find several ‘disabilities’ that are directly related to the military.  So that means that Titus will be receiving monthly money to compensate.  I don’t know where our government is getting the money, but I am very grateful for it since it is going to more than help make our monthly house payment.  Just when I was starting to wonder how we were going to pay for that God provided in a great way.  So it’s been a busy, stressful, but wonderful few weeks!  And I really love our house!!  You all need to come visit now, since we have room for you to stay!