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Biking with Mommy

Today we did lots of fun stuff.  Daddy is baling hay today and need something to drink.  But we couldn’t drive the van because of the construction so Mommy decided to take the bike.  It’s only one or two miles out and we didn’t care. We’d rather go in the bike trailer then the van any day.  Mommy was a little bit sad she couldn’t ride her bike, but it has a missing bolt and she can’t ride it right now.  It’s a good thing anyway since Daddy’s bike has more gears that Mommy needed.  Mommy did really well on the way there. 

When we got there Daddy gave us rides on the tractor while Mommy rested.  Mommy was really sad that she didn’t have her camera with her to take pictures of us. Silly Mommy! When is she going to learn that she has to have her camera with her at all times?  You never know when we will do something cute!

Then we started home.  The wind was against us on the way home, but we didn’t mind since it kept us cool.  Mommy seemed to pedal slower though.  Mommy started breathing heavier about half way home and started saying things like:

“I am so out of shape!”

“Almost to the top. Almost to the top!”

“Feel the burn!”

“Almost home!!”

“I’m going to have to eat a big steak to get energy back after this!”

We weren’t sure why she kept yelling it.  But we liked the “Feel the burn!” one and said it after her!  Mommy admits defeat  on one hill.  She just couldn’t get up it without pushing the bike.  We were nice about it, even if we did go slow.

Gideon fell asleep on the way home. Mommy wasn’t too excited about that because he won’t go to sleep early now.

When we got home Mommy said:

“Well, not bad for being 4 months pregnant.”

We aren’t sure what she meant by that either…..


Due December 10th

Due December 10th