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A week of 4 boys and 1 girl

After Texas my brothers really really wanted to come back to CO to visit us. It was liking having 4 sons and one daughter!

One of the best things about having ‘older’ kids here was the help.  I was doing something in the kitchen and Faith started crying. I asked Levi to hold her for me just so I could finish what I was doing.  I came into the living room and this is what I saw:

Faith contentedly curled up in Levi’s lap while he played the Wii.


It is incredibility helpful to have someone do that! I can’t wait until I have older kids!! I took all the kids shopping one day at the local second hand store. My brothers talked me into buying two bags of army men.  They played with them for days!


I have to admit, this is pretty cool!


One day they found a bunch of golfing stuff in the shed. So they all went golfing together!


The cutest little golfer you will ever see!


I also took them swimming one day.  That was a bit stressful, and the only reason it went so well is because my brothers can swim so well! I’m happy to say that I didn’t lose anyone!

I really wanted a picture of all of them on their tummies looking at me. I tried, but it didn’t go well.

IMG_2765 IMG_2766 IMG_2767

Then I tried one on their backs. It’s pretty hard to get 4 boys in water to corporate for a picture.


We had lots of fun and we are so glad they came to visit!

While in Texas part 2

While in Texas we went to a splash park. My boys loved it and so did my brothers!

Waiting for it…


Jumping out of the way as the water shoots up.


James just loves water!

IMG_2726 IMG_2727

Water that shoots this high is very very exciting!



Gideon doesn’t like to get his face wet, so he didn’t get very close.


Trying to figure it all out.


Riding the wave


IMG_2742 IMG_2743

While in Texas part 1

While we were in Texas we went to a lake. My boys just love water in every way.


Looking at a boat!

IMG_2690 IMG_2688

Aunt Alaina and Gideon


James, Lincoln, and Gideon


Beach boy


Picking up rocks


My boys were not ready to leave! We had lots of fun!


Family Fun Friday

We went swimming for Family Fun Friday last Friday. My boys just LOVE this pool! I wonder why.


Yes that is a pirate ship in the middle of the pool!

IMG_2551 IMG_2552

Coming out of the tunnel that goes through the bottom of the ship.


This wonderful baby sat in her car seat for a while before I had to hold her. Amazing baby! My boys never never would have done that!


James coming down the slide.


Pretty sure there is nothing cuter than a chubby baby in a swimming suit!


Watching every one play.


James is quite the little fish in the water! And he is fearless! We have to keep a close eye on him because he would bounce his little body straight to the deep end! This pool has the beach style entry which is really great for Gideon. The water is extremely warm too, which is great for kids. Faith didn’t actually get in, but maybe next time. 🙂


We went swimming last week at the Englewood Rec center.  This was the first time to a pool for our boys.  They have both been in little pools at hotels but not a big pool with a slide. 

IMG_1225 IMG_1231

James is an absolute fish in the water, and so cute.  He has no fear at all which isn’t all well and good.  He loved this pool, the toddler part is shallow enough that he can stand up in it. 

IMG_1227  IMG_1224

Gideon wasn’t so sure, and was stiff as a board most of the time.  He did loosen up a bit when they started playing with the balls, but not much. 

IMG_1232 IMG_1230

Hopefully he will get used to it if we go a lot.  Titus wants to go once a week, but we’ll see if that happens.  I’m not sure I can go by myself since James is so active and bouncy in the water.  It’s much better to have two people I think.