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12 books in 3 months!

I am so happy and proud to say that I finished the adult library reading program by finishing my last book a few days ago.  I thought I was nuts when I let the librarian signed me up last Jan.  12 books in three months????  I don’t have that kind of time! I then went home and figured out that I had to read 4 books very month…..yeah right!  But I did it.  And I feel so happy to have accomplished it!  And as a prize I got a beautiful yellow mug! 


On a side note, I am still pregnant. Last Sunday, March 25 was the official due date, not that I really planned on going before that time but you know…..it happens to some people.  I’m about a week over now.  I had planned on going late, but I hadn’t planned on having a baby in April!  Right now the little person has 11 hours to be a March baby…..probably not going to happen.  I feel great not miserable at all, so other than the (seemingly) endless waiting, and all the annoying phone calls (“How do you feel today??”) I really don’t mind going late.  I think with all the people being induced these days our society has forgotten how to wait for the baby.    Plus I’m really enjoying these last few days being a mom of just one.  I still can’t comprehend having two kids, there is only one of me!  God will have to give me the grace and patients that I’m going to need I guess.  And hopefully bless us with a happy baby. 


We still don’t have names picked out.  We like the name Hope Samantha, but I’m worried about Hope ending in a p considering our last name.  So we might go with Hopeful Cara.  Which this week I really like, last week didn’t like.  As for a boy, I like the name Gideon but I haven’t found a middle name yet.  I got another baby name book from the library today to help out. 🙂


On a very positive note, Titus got a steroid shot in both shoulders a few weeks ago and after a week and half of serious pain they seem to be working! Ever since getting out of the military a year ago he has suffered from shoulder pain and we have seen doctor after doctor about it with no results.  The last doctor we went to told us that Titus had tendonitis (which we had been told before but not told what to do about it) and that steroid shots should fix the problem!  Wow!  Then I asked the doctor if he saw a lot of guys Titus’ age with this problem and he said yes. Another wow! What was wrong with all the other doctors we saw????  We even went to a shoulder specialist with no results or diagnoses!


I could probably go on since I haven’t blogged for so long but James is up now and I really want to post this before something happens and I can’t.  Like the water James’ just spilled. 😀