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10 hours With Angela

Titus’ sister Angela had a layover here in Denver that was 12 hours long! That is a stupidly long layover, but lucky for her we live here so she spent the day with us. James woke up that morning and said, “Where is my Aunty Ang?” ha ha We had a few different ideas on how to spend the day, but Angela said she really wanted to go to Breckenridge and ride the gondola. So we loaded up the van and drove 1 1/2 hours only to find out that it wasn’t running. The sign said it was closed until June, we were there on June 3rd, but apparently that was too early in June.

 Angela and James and Gideon


What do we do now?


Take pictures?


Or go to the toy store and play?

IMG_2882 IMG_2883

More pictures?


We drove half way home and stopped at a park to go hiking. For being so excited about it the children were hugely uncooperative. We were very thankful that Angela was there to help us carry ALL of them most of the way up.


At the top there are a bunch of rocks to climb on. Suddenly the boy’s tiredness, grumpiness, and tummy aches vanished, but only until we headed back down.

IMG_2901 IMG_2893

It was, ah, a bit windy up there!


We tried to excite them to walk with sticks, but it didn’t work very long.


Faith was the best one of the bunch!


Angela and Gideon




Family picture on the same log that was in our Christmas letter.


Faith fell asleep on the way down.


Once we got to the bottom suddenly the boys were fine again! And they started picking wild flowers.











We had lots of fun with Angela! It was just too short! 🙂

Family Day Out in Breckenridge

On Fridays I try to get my home-loving husband, and grumpy children out of the house for a family day.  It doesn’t have to be the whole day, but something special.  Two Fridays ago we went swimming at a new pool.  That was great fun, but I forgot my camera! Last Friday we drove into the mountains to Breckenridge for the day. Breckenridge is a ski resort town. We had a blast! The highlight of the day was riding on the gondola. As we were walking to it I was trying to calculate how much we were willing to spend it ride it.  We were absolutely shocked when the lady told us it was free!


James could hardly contain himself, he was so excited! When it was over I had to physically carry him off (kicking and everything). The next few days afterward he has been asking to “go on a ride” every morning. And if you haven’t heard a 3 year old try to say gondola than you are missing out!


It was the perfect place to nurse Faith too! It was just us and is a 10 minute ride up and 10 minute ride down. We rode it twice a few hours apart, so I nursed Faith both times we took a ride.  It was perfect! (She’s not actually nursing in the picture. Just waking up and thinking about it)


Daddy and Gideon


Even Faith liked looking out the window.


We also went to a toy store. They had a nice place to play with a train table:


A little trampoline:


And a kitchen with a little shopping cart. We thought it was pretty cute that Faith could fit in the cart. Too bad she can’t sit up yet.


There is tons of shopping to do but we didn’t feel like dragging the kids around town. There is also a children’s museum and grandparents are free. 😀 So we think some grandparents should come and play with the kids at the children’s museum while Titus and I shop. 😀 😀 Otherwise the museum does something called “Parents night out”. For a fee they watch your kids for about four hours. The only problem is that I have a really hard time leaving my kids with a bunch of people I don’t know. I don’t care how much screening they do.

Oh, and the buses are free around town. We didn’t have time to do that, but James and Gideon would love it! Maybe next time. This Friday if the weather is warm enough I really want to go to the Zoo.

On a sad and different note, my computer is un-usable at the moment, perhaps forever. I am trying to not complain too much about it, but it’s really hard. Since moving the internet has become even more personable to me because all my family and friends are far away. It’s the biggest way I get to interact with other people. But it is just a computer. I found out last Sunday that a lady I had taken a few meals to died on Friday from her brain tumor. I used to go witnessing in downtown Minneapolis when I lived up there, and I have been getting e-mails for the last few months from the leader about his wife who is dying. At the moment I am reading the Dugger’s new book, A Love That Multiplies, which starts off about their preemie baby and how hard that was. In light of all these circumstances my computer not working is a very very little thing. 

I can use Titus’ computer in the mornings and when he is at class. I just won’t be on facebook as much or write as many blogs. Donations are now being accepted! Just kidding……


Last Friday we went for a long drive in the mountains and did just a little bit of hiking.  At the first stop James didn’t want to go at all, was in a horrible mood and kept talking about bears.  But by the end of the hike he was starting to have fun.  This first one was a very small trail that was pretty flat.  Perfect for little kids. 

IMG_1560 IMG_1562

We found this little stick hut that someone made.  James wouldn’t go in (still in a bad mood at this point).  I love Gideon’s hand on Titus’ leg!


We were far enough up that there was snow even though it wasn’t that cold.  The boys liked playing in it.

IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1569 IMG_1570

Always looking for Christmas family pictures!




By the end of the first hike James didn’t want to get back into the truck.  So I promised him we would stop again.  Well we missed our turn and drove and drove.  We weren’t too far from the city on the way back and I told Titus we HAD to stop because I had promised him.  So we saw a sign and stopped.  It ended up being quite a hike of which my body totally hated!  I am sooooo out of shape it isn’t even funny!

IMG_1577 IMG_1579

When we finally got to the top there were a bunch of rocks to climb on.  The boys thought that was fun!

IMG_1582 IMG_1586 IMG_1587IMG_1583

It was around dusk so you can’t really see the foothills/mountains behind James. But it was a beautiful view!


Gideon in the weeds!

IMG_1590 IMG_1593

Titus and our boys!


Another family picture! I can’t believe how well the boys sat for this since it was on a timer.  The blinking light must have caught their attention.


Gotta get one of Mommy and Daddy stealing a kiss!


Happy fall!


The first snow!

The first snow is always exciting. I remember waking up as a kid every morning hoping for the first snow.  And now with my own kids it’s fun all over again.  Now personally I don’t want snow in October, especially since fall just started and I’d like to enjoy it, but we woke up to about an inch on the ground this morning.  It wasn’t in the forecast I read so it was a complete surprise.  I don’t think James remembers snow from last year because he thought it was pretty cool.  Last year he pronounced snow with an S at the end, snows, but it sounded more like nowse.  It was soooo cute and I’m going to miss him saying it that way. James had to go outside right away so he and I got our boots on.  I couldn’t get him to wear a jacket and he looked terribly cold to me.


James and Mommy



IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1542

When he first saw the snow from the window he asked right away where all the dirt was. ha ha, I told him it was under the snow.  So he had to go check out his dirt pile:


Then I showed him he could eat it.  He thought that was pretty cool and tried snow at different points all over the back yard. So cute!

IMG_1544IMG_1545IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1549

By that time Gideon woke up.  We’ve had two really really hard nights with Gideon (lots of crying for hours during the night).  He woke up with a horrible cold this morning.  I’m starting to wonder if maybe he has an ear infection (or maybe two ear infections) and that’s why.  It’s terribly unfair to be sick on the first day of snow.


An hour to two later Titus got up and said, “It snowed! We have to go play in it!” He was a bit behind, but we got everyone ready again (James still refusing to wear a jacket. What are we going to do this winter?? ha ha) The snow had already started to melt by then.

IMG_1554 IMG_1556

Titus and the boys made the cutest little snowman!


All the snow melted by the end of the day, except maybe stuff in really shady spots and the bottom part of the snowman.  Maybe we will still get a fall after all.  About three or four weeks ago someone told Titus when you can see snow on the foothills/mountains Denver gets snow 2 weeks later.  And she was pretty close!