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Book Review: Founding Mothers

Earlier this week I was at the library with my kids. After finding books about trucks, monkeys, bugs, and firefighters, I was heading to the front to check them out when I walked by this book:

I knew my boys wouldn’t sit through it and I almost walked past. But it made me curious and I grabbed it off the shelf. The next day Daddy was getting ready to read to the boys and I told him, “Oh no, not that one. That one is for me.” With eyebrows raised he asked why I checked out a kids book for myself. 🙂 Because I wanted to read it!

So this book as all about a few ladies in our nation’s history that did great things during the Revolutionary War. Each double page spread is about a different lady, how she met her husband and what she did for this country. The artist, Diane Goode, took great pains to try and copy each lady’s signature exactly how they wrote it themselves.  It’s a great book, one that our daughters and sons alike should read.  Of course you will read about the very famous ladies we all know about:

Dolley Madison (Did you know that she was so well known and powerful that people asked her to find them jobs with the government?)

Martha Washington (Did you know she was afraid of the sounds of guns, but still bravely lived at military camps for 8 winters?)

Abigail Adams (Did you know that she sent her husband advice about government and current updates about politics?)

I also learned about:

Esther Reed (Did you know that shortly after giving birth to her 6th child she organized a fundraiser to raise money for the troops?)

Mercy Otis Warren (Did you know that her letters to congress helped convince them to send army troops to Massachusetts?)

These are only a handful of the ladies covered in this book.  This book should inspire you to raise strong women. These women were strong, brave, and yet feminine. That is a picture of godly womanhood! I also noticed how these women embraced the role of a helpmeet as a spouse. They were constantly helping their husbands whether it was on the battle field or holding down the home front. They supported their husbands, and I’ll be that meant a lot to their men!

Margaret Corbin took over her husband’s gun after he died and was wounded so bad that she never worked again. She is buried at the military academy at West Point.

Mary Murray gave the British so much to drink that the Americans were able to escape without the British knowing about it.

Lydia Darragh spied on the British that used her house as a headquarters. She would write messages on paper then sew them under the buttons of her son’s coat when he went to visit his brother in the army.

George Washington wrote “You ladies are in the number of the best Patriots America can boast.”

If you have a little history lover in your home (or you want a quick 5-min history lesson yourself), I highly recommend this book. Inspire her (and yourself!) to become a strong but feminine woman! (Plus it has cute pictures!)

Looking back 4 years

Last week marked four years ago I married the love of my life.  As I look back on our four years together I can see how much we have been blessed together, and how God has taken such good care of us.  Our first year was in Hawaii, which was amazing.  We lived in this beautiful little one bedroom apartment on the second floor. I loved it!


July 4th 2010


God knew we really needed time together as newly weds without any friends or family around.  We had plenty of money, and Titus didn’t work much.  We just went on lots of dates the first half of living there.  God blessed us with a son in September that first year.


Since James cried all the time it slightly changed our newly wed date life we had going on. 😉  But you can’t stay newly weds forever!

We went to Maui as the first family vacation ever!


Titus and I went to the Marine Corp ball.  I think it was our first date after having James. (Which I think got cut short because he started crying at the baby-sitter’s house ha ha!)


Our first year anniversary.  We didn’t do much (it was just too hard to leave James), but we did borrow a friend’s motorcycle and took a ride up through the island.  I don’t ride motorcycles when I’m pregnant and it was something Titus wanted to do.  I don’t think we even went out to eat or anything.  It was just a quick ride.


Our second year we moved back to Minnesota into this little house:


Titus’ grandma had moved to Kansas and she let us live here rent free for our second year of marriage.  It was a huge blessing since it helped us make ends meet that first year out of the military.  Our second year we didn’t do much, but reconnected with family and friends.

249919_10150249036873828_4550766_n 250753_10150249037948828_4310881_n

We went to Texas and Kansas that year for vacations.  For our second anniversary we went out to eat at Bergen Bar.  I think we might have gone back home and watched a movie together too, before getting James. I can’t remember.


Our third year involved another baby and yet another move.

God blessed us with a second son, Gideon.


A month later we moved to this beautiful house:


We had a happy third year with our two little boys.

The 4th of July


For vacation we went up to northern Minnesota.  It turned out to be a horrible trip with the two little boys, but at least we spent some time with family. This picture sums it up nicely:


On our 3rd anniversary I forgot. Completely forgot! In my defense, I was under large amounts of stress, and incredibly sleep deprived!  Titus how ever went all out, dozens of flowers all over the house, chocolate every where, and a beautiful pink set of jewelry.  He is truly a wonderful man. Maybe he knew I needed some extra love that year!

That brings us to this last year.  Last summer I think was one of our best ones.  The boys were a bit older and loved going to the barn.  We spent lots of time there since we decided to move yet again!

Half way through our 4th year we moved to Denver, CO.


And God blessed us with a little girl two days before our 4th year ended:

Faith Natalie


In our four years of marriage:

we have lived in four different houses,

in three different states,

been blessed with three healthy and beautiful children,

Titus has had three different jobs plus going to school,

and I can truly see God’s hand in all of it.  From providing the money for our home births, to all our moves, and Titus’ different jobs.

And one of the biggest and best blessings of our four years together is the fact that other than when he worked at Mountain Power (for about two months) Titus has not worked a normal 8-5 job.  He has been home during the day a ton and we get to see him a lot.  There have been times that he has been busy (like when they bale hay or during harvest time), but for the majority of the time he spends a lot of it at home.  This has been an amazing blessing, one that I am very very thankful for!

I love you honey, here’s to another wonderful 4 years together, with hopefully more babies, and hopefully not as many moves. 😉


Submitting to a big move.

I’m sure most of you know by now that we are planning on moving to Denver Colorado sometime this summer, most likely August.  Titus is going to go back to college, to a Bible school he found out there.  We have been talking off and on for the last 2 years about doing this.  Rocky Mountain Bible school is his school of choice.  A super super super small school that no one has heard of.

Titus first brought up the prospect of moving almost 2 years ago to the month (I think it was July).  I was terribly un-supportive and kind of unwilling and even slightly un-submissive to the whole idea (and apparently a bunch of those words aren’t really words according to spell check but I’m going to use them anyway!).  James cried a lot when he was a baby.  Like all the time.  My life was consumed with a cranky baby.  When James was about 10 months old Titus went to a church conference without me, James was sick so I didn’t go.  We had just found out I was pregnant with our second, which I greatly struggled with.  James still cried a lot.  Still demanded a ton of energy and attention from me.  It was overwhelming to think of having another baby.  Titus came home from the conference floating on ideas:

  We were going to go to a country in Africa as missionaries.

We were going to go to Denver and go to school.

The list goes on.

  I felt that he had made a bunch of decisions without me while I stayed home with a sick baby wondering how I was going to take care of two of them.  I felt my reasons for not moving were good ones:

Titus’ dream was to be a dairy farmer, and I didn’t think he should give that up so soon.  We

had just moved back to MN 7 months before.

I thought he should spend more time with his dad after getting out of the

military.  It’s good therapy for Titus .

I wanted to be close to family after living a year in Hawaii without them.

I wanted help after having the baby.  I was overwhelmed and to move was pushing me over the edge.

I cried myself to sleep that night.

I even at one point said I wished he could make the move without James and me.  It was a low point, I’ll admit. And I didn’t really mean it.  I was slightly worried that we would move out there for a semester and it wouldn’t work out and then he’d drag us all back to MN.  So we didn’t move.

Gideon was born which miraculously made James a happy boy. A year and half after Titus first brought up a move he brought it up again. Right. before. Christmas.  I didn’t think it was the time again.

We had other people living with us.

It was Christmas.

It would be a really fast move.  I don’t move fast anymore.

We had just moved from one end of town to the other 7 months before. I got sick from

that move and wasn’t ready to do that again.

Mentally, it was too fast.  I wasn’t supportive again.

I think I did some crying again.

So, we didn’t move.

In April we went to visit the school, finally.  It was something I had been encouraging Titus to do for a while as I felt like it would help us make a decision. And it did.  I told Titus, I can be supportive, and I can be willing, but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. Which I thought was very clever of me, but I am trying to not complain about it, as Titus doesn’t see the complaining quite the same way I do. 😉  I still have reasons for not moving. And on a bad day, I still feel like crying  But they are mostly about ME.

I have made some good friends here and it’s hard for me to do that.  I am an odd duck and with the whole: big family thing, anti-oral birth control thing, homeschool thing, stay at home mom thing, breastfeeding thing, the list goes on. It’s hard for me to find women that have the same things in common.  And I have found two of them here!  I will miss them greatly.  I guess we will have to be phone friends. 🙂

I also love our house.  I could live here for years, maybe forever.  There are so many things I love about it.  The fire-place, the wood work, the flower boxes, the arches, the yard. The list goes on and on.  We have been here for a year which was my request when we moved here last May.  I told Titus I couldn’t move for a year.  We have moved every year since being married so I guess it’s time again. 🙂  Although I did tell Titus we couldn’t move yet because I haven’t had a baby in this house yet.  We have had a baby in every house we’ve lived in so far.


I don’t want to move from family.  I have been greatly spoiled here.  I have 2 sets of grandparents and 3 single sisters all in about 15 minutes of where I live.  When I get sick, or like last Nov both my kids were sick with the flu, they come over to help me.  I always have a baby-sitter when I need one.  If I have a lot of errands, or like last week I had to take the boys to the dentist I have someone to go with me.  I don’t want to move from all of that help.  It’s going to be all up to me now!

But I am supportive.  He has done the dairy thing for 2 years now and he is sure it isn’t want he wants.  I do want Titus to go to school.  I do want him to find what it is he wants to do with his life.  Maybe some of these things will be answered at school, maybe not.  My job is to be supportive and willing.  We have both been affected by other people’s marriages not working out.  Both older generations and even some friends or family close in age to us.  I am not trying to judge as I don’t know what happened.  But what if the wife wasn’t supportive, what if she wasn’t willing?  What if the husband wasn’t willing to wait, and just left on his own terms for his own life?  Everything about this move is important because my marriage, and my children’s daddy is more important than all MY reasons for not moving.

Fall 2012

Fall 2012