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Looking back 4 years

Last week marked four years ago I married the love of my life.  As I look back on our four years together I can see how much we have been blessed together, and how God has taken such good care of us.  Our first year was in Hawaii, which was amazing.  We lived in this beautiful little one bedroom apartment on the second floor. I loved it!


July 4th 2010


God knew we really needed time together as newly weds without any friends or family around.  We had plenty of money, and Titus didn’t work much.  We just went on lots of dates the first half of living there.  God blessed us with a son in September that first year.


Since James cried all the time it slightly changed our newly wed date life we had going on. 😉  But you can’t stay newly weds forever!

We went to Maui as the first family vacation ever!


Titus and I went to the Marine Corp ball.  I think it was our first date after having James. (Which I think got cut short because he started crying at the baby-sitter’s house ha ha!)


Our first year anniversary.  We didn’t do much (it was just too hard to leave James), but we did borrow a friend’s motorcycle and took a ride up through the island.  I don’t ride motorcycles when I’m pregnant and it was something Titus wanted to do.  I don’t think we even went out to eat or anything.  It was just a quick ride.


Our second year we moved back to Minnesota into this little house:


Titus’ grandma had moved to Kansas and she let us live here rent free for our second year of marriage.  It was a huge blessing since it helped us make ends meet that first year out of the military.  Our second year we didn’t do much, but reconnected with family and friends.

249919_10150249036873828_4550766_n 250753_10150249037948828_4310881_n

We went to Texas and Kansas that year for vacations.  For our second anniversary we went out to eat at Bergen Bar.  I think we might have gone back home and watched a movie together too, before getting James. I can’t remember.


Our third year involved another baby and yet another move.

God blessed us with a second son, Gideon.


A month later we moved to this beautiful house:


We had a happy third year with our two little boys.

The 4th of July


For vacation we went up to northern Minnesota.  It turned out to be a horrible trip with the two little boys, but at least we spent some time with family. This picture sums it up nicely:


On our 3rd anniversary I forgot. Completely forgot! In my defense, I was under large amounts of stress, and incredibly sleep deprived!  Titus how ever went all out, dozens of flowers all over the house, chocolate every where, and a beautiful pink set of jewelry.  He is truly a wonderful man. Maybe he knew I needed some extra love that year!

That brings us to this last year.  Last summer I think was one of our best ones.  The boys were a bit older and loved going to the barn.  We spent lots of time there since we decided to move yet again!

Half way through our 4th year we moved to Denver, CO.


And God blessed us with a little girl two days before our 4th year ended:

Faith Natalie


In our four years of marriage:

we have lived in four different houses,

in three different states,

been blessed with three healthy and beautiful children,

Titus has had three different jobs plus going to school,

and I can truly see God’s hand in all of it.  From providing the money for our home births, to all our moves, and Titus’ different jobs.

And one of the biggest and best blessings of our four years together is the fact that other than when he worked at Mountain Power (for about two months) Titus has not worked a normal 8-5 job.  He has been home during the day a ton and we get to see him a lot.  There have been times that he has been busy (like when they bale hay or during harvest time), but for the majority of the time he spends a lot of it at home.  This has been an amazing blessing, one that I am very very thankful for!

I love you honey, here’s to another wonderful 4 years together, with hopefully more babies, and hopefully not as many moves. 😉


That ‘oops parenting’ moment

Being a parent is hard.  Just plan and simple.  Every day you have to make choices that not only affect you, but the lives of your children as well.  There are tons of parenting books out there these days, couple that with the amazing internet and any parent is doomed to fail in today’s age.  There also seems to be a rather ‘free to parent other people’s kids’ attitude out there as well, particularly among the child-free population.  Just recently I had someone (who has no children of her own mind you) shout over my head to one of my children to not do something. Do you really not see me here??? That is my child and I’ll tell him no, thank you very much. 


Which brings me to today.  I probably should have said no this time around.  Painting toe nails is strictly a girl thing in this country.  A few months ago I painted my nails outside and didn’t have any problems with James wanting to do it too.  Not this time.Oops!  Boy was he interested!!  I had just told him he couldn’t climb to the top of the van roof and clean it. Maybe I should have let him do that so I could paint my nails, but what ever.  So he came wandering over to see what I was up to.  As soon as I dumped the bag of polish on the outside steps and James said, “Oooo!” I knew I was in trouble. Oops! Maybe I should have packed it all up then and waited until later (like after he was asleep), but I can be stubborn and I really wanted to do it now.  James didn’t let up either, “James do it?” “This one?” “Pink?”  So I gave him a color I thought wouldn’t show up and let him paint his toe nails.  Oops!  Well one color led to another and lets just say, all 10 toes were a rainbow by the end.  You’d think I’d have learned my lesson 20 years ago when I got in huge trouble painting my little brother’s toe nails bright pink on Saturday night.  But noooooo, I guess not. Oops!


But you know what? It was a great, fun time with James.  He kept me laughing at his cute little words.  I even heard him say something new today, “Just a minute!” when I told him it was time to be done.  I didn’t know he could say that!  We went and stood in the pool for a bit kinda hoping it would wash off, but it didn’t.  I was trying to brainstorm how I was going to get all that off before tomorrow, which happens to be a Sunday. Another oops! What is with me and painting little boy’s toe nails on summer Saturdays when they wear sandals everywhere???  I decided the only way to get his off was to take mine off too.  So I told him we were going to clean our feet next.  He also had a GREAT time with this!  Apparently putting nail polish remover on paper towels is great fun to a 2-year-old.  I was able to scrub his feet while he was busy with the remover.  And I only had to take off the polish on one of my toes!


Will I do it again? Probably not.  And I now doomed myself to painting my nails in dark closets until he’s too old to want to anymore (what age is that at? 10???).  But do I regret it? Absolutely not!  He had so much fun, and I had fun watching him.  It even turned educational because we practiced colors. 😀  If I had said no we both would have missed out. Maybe next time we’ll use some kind of wash off paint.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to go scrub a small spot on the upstairs carpet that seems to some how gotten purple polish on it. We are after all trying to sell this house. Oops!


IMG_1066 IMG_1068


Prayer for our new house

My hope and prayer for a new house in Denver is:

~A house, townhouse, or condo. NOT an apartment.  It will stress me out to live in an apartment with kids.

~A fenced in yard, back or front, it doesn’t matter.

~A big enough yard to have a garden.

~Close to Titus’ school.  I don’t want him wasting time driving a long ways.  We aren’t going to see much of him as it is.

~At least three bedrooms. One for Titus and I, one for James and Gideon, and one for Baby.  🙂

~Close to a park.  It’s going to be a big change for me to have to drive to everything.  I’m used to walking or riding my bike to the library, park, store and anything else.   If we could at least walk to a park that would be great.

~Reasonably priced, which I’m finding out is hard to find.

~No mold or mildew in the house.  We did that for a year and James was so sick the whole time!

~A nice kitchen, I spend so much time there.

~Some what private, not on a busy road.

We are going next week to look at houses.  We’ll see how many of these things I can get

and how many I’m going to have to let go.


Part 2: Big boys, little boys, NEW dirt, & almost bad news.

So I should have held off on that last post since they dug into our yard today and were even closer then before.  My boys have been playing really well in the dirt where they took out the sidewalk.  But today they dug into that very spot and up our driveway a bit.  My boys were just standing in the yard watching them work, when the man that works the excavator dumped a bunch of clean new dirt on the sidewalk to the left of where they were digging.  Just for my boys! 🙂  They were so excited!

IMG_0678     IMG_0679


Titus says it’s actually gravel not dirt. Well whatever it is it’s fun!

IMG_0683     IMG_0686

The nice man that gave us the new dirt:


Picture of Titus and myself. The first picture had our neighbor’s house in the back so we decided to take another one with our house in the back. 🙂

IMG_0690     IMG_0691

They were replacing the sewer line that goes to our house. This is the closest they have been yet.

Taken from our front door

Taken from our front door

Taking out part of the driveway:


Happy boys:


IMG_0692     IMG_0694

I have been very impressed with the crew working here. They constantly look out for my boys. When they are cutting off a pipe with the big power saw they put themselves between the sparks and my boys.  One day James wondered off and when Titus found him one the of guys was bringing him back.  James says hi to every man that walks by and they all talk to him.  The boss man stopped a few days ago and asked how James’ work was going and if he was going to have a busy day. 🙂  One guy even gave James a long ride on the packer a few weeks ago!! I do wonder what these men must think of stay at home moms after watching my sit in a chair for hours every day. 🙂 I’m probably giving all mom out there a bad name.

Today we got a paper saying that we can’t park on 6th ave at all anymore.  I was highly frustrated.  I don’t have it too bad right now.  I only have to walk about half a block to get to my van or to take my trash to the curb.  When I have a lot to carry into the house I park in our neighbors driveway to unpack.  If I have to start parking at the every least a block away (possibly more) and haul two kids, diaper bags and anything else all that way I’m going to never leave the house again! ha ha. But I talked to one of the guys and they are just pulling up the tar tomorrow, so it will only be one day.  He said it will be 3-4 weeks before they actually start digging.  What happy happy news!!!!  Only I don’t think we will have moved yet, which could be a big big problem if we can’t get a moving truck close enough to our house. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get closer to moving.

Big boys, little boys, & lots of dirt!

Here is my lovely home.  From this angle you’d never suspect that something big is happening on the other side.


They are replacing all the pipes in the road. Which takes weeks and weeks to do (especially with all the rain we have been getting) I no longer can park in our driveway.  I have to walk down the street about half a block to get to my van. I have to take the trash and recycling down half a block in order for it to be picked up. Our mail box is on a completely different street. I never check it anymore. The library used to be a straight shot two blocks down. Now I have to walk around the blocks.  It’s all very inconvenient, especially on grocery shopping day.

IMG_0642     IMG_0643

But I have some little boys that are loving this. All of it! The digging:

IMG_0637         IMG_0628

The watching:

IMG_0633     IMG_0634

The dirt in the hands:

IMG_0638     IMG_0629

The toys:

IMG_0639  IMG_0635  IMG_0630  IMG_0641

The big boys are just feet from our front yard:


This is what they do for hours every day:

IMG_0640     IMG_0632

And this is how I am spending my summer so far:


Honestly I really don’t get it.  It’s just dirt.  My boys just push around the same dirt hour after hour.

And so do the big boys, come to think of it. Titus says he understands it totally. I guess it’s a boy thing.

So if you have some boys that would like to come watch and dig for an afternoon come on over.  Chances are we’ll already be out there. 😀

With just a little bit of paint

I was inspired by my cousins to paint just the inside of my shelves. I love how they turned out!! James’ dresser needed some paint as well so I did that the same week. Here are the before and after pictures!

The two shelves in my living room before paint. Sadly I didn’t take a before one of the dining room although you can kinda see it in the corner of the first picture.

James’ dresser. I paid .50 cents for it!

Living room shelves after:

Dining room shelf after:

Here is a shot of all three shelves. I should have cleaned first, but my heart wasn’t in it. 🙂

James’ dresser:

I can’t believe how much color it has added to our house with all white walls! It was an easy fix since painting a whole wall/room is totally over whelming right now! 🙂 It  is so fun having a house to decorate and paint!