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The real and honest mommy.

As a stay at home mom do you ever have days where you get to the end of the day, look around at your house and think, “What did I do all day?” Well I had one like that today. I know I was busy all day.  I didn’t just sit around, but the following pictures might suggest otherwise.

I normally pick up toys a few times a day, did I forget to do that today?  My boys have played sooooo well today. A lot of imagination, and not a lot of fighting!


I’ve thought about dishes all day today, but not once did I actually stand there and wash them!


I DID manage to get some laundry done, but none of it is folded.


So what DID happen today?


We DID go outside and played in the snow.

We DID walk over with Titus to his school and played in the big hallways, practicing big steps. little steps, backwards steps.

I DID take a bath. (yay for feeling clean!)

I DID bathe James and Gideon.

I DID read my Bible.

I DID  get an hour and a half nap, thanks to my ever loving husband!

I DID help Titus with a paper for school.

I DID do a panic clean up of the backyard because of all the snow coming down.

I DID take pictures of my kids:

One of the better ones:


Ever tried taking pictures of three kids 3 and under by yourself?


They don’t sit still very well


If only Faith’s head wasn’t all cockeyed!


My 3-year-old took this one:


And this little lady is 5 weeks old!


I MIGHT do a quick clean up after Faith goes to bed…or I might not. ha ha.

Oh and I DID write a blog post!!

A walk through of the house.

This blog is mostly for family and Sirena that wanted to see pictures of the house. 🙂  So here is a walk through of our little house.

Here is the front of the house.  There is a rumor going around that they are going to paint the outside. I’m really hoping it won’t be white but considering every room in the house but one was white when we moved in the chances aren’t good. 😉


This is the living room. The red curtain would be the front door, which we never use.  You can see there is kind of two rooms.  The second room holds most of the toys and my desk.


The second part of the living room:


This room was all white.  At first I didn’t like the color we painted it but once it dried it was a much better color.  I love it now!  Anything would be better than that white! The door way by Emma goes to the kitchen.


The door right next to the couch goes into our bedroom (also excuse all the draped furniture.  None of it is ours and it doesn’t match all. Plus the love seat is super uncomfortable without the blanket on it.  What ever it’s made out of does not feel good!) :


Our bedroom.  This is taken from the couch, and you can see the second door off to the right.  That goes into the bathroom.  I’m bummed that the box with all our bedroom pictures didn’t make the move. 😦 Hopefully someone will bring it to me soon!


There is this cute little corner shelf above our bed.  This room also was completely white.  Blue was my very last choice, but the green would have clashed with the curtains, and Titus and Emma didn’t want brown or tan.  It looks better than I thought it would!  And I’m hoping to stencil a verse in brown around the top as a boarder.


This is the light fixture in our room.  It’s kinda neat since I’ve never seen a double one before.  But there isn’t a shade for it which would really add a lot.  I’m thinking about painting it blue to match the walls.


So from the bedroom here is the miserably small bathroom. (Which I am grateful for. It’s better than an outhouse!) The picture with Gideon is taken from the bathtub so the door to the right is our bedroom and the door to the left goes to the kitchen.

IMG_1485 IMG_1484

The kitchen.  I wanted it to be cleaner, but really why do I care that much?  I thought it looked pretty good. This first picture would be taken from the living room doorway.  The door to the left is the basement, the one to the right is the laundry room.


Standing from the laundry room doorway:


The hallway that goes to the bathroom (which also has the chalk board wall on it that Emma and I painted):



The basement steps:


From the kitchen the next room is the laundry room.  And may I just say how WONDERFUL it is to have the washer and dryer on the main level???  It is fabulous!


To the left of the laundry room is the boy’s room (you can see James playing on the bunk beds):


I really wanted to wait to take pictures after I get their quilts done, but I’m not sure when that day will be.  I will take more pictures when they are done!




Then out the back door off the laundry room is the back yard.  Some one gave us a swing set for the kids! The big brick building in the back is Titus’ school.


I hope you have noticed all the fresh cut flowers in the house from my very sweet hubby!  Daisies and orange roses make a beautiful combo for fall!


Home owners!!

A about two weeks ago we moved into the cutest little house.  I am so excited to be living in a place that is ‘ours’.  In Hawaii I loved our apartment, but it was temporary because we were moving back to Minn.  Then we moved into Grandma’s house for “only a few months”. ha ha, Over a year later we finally moved out into our own house. 🙂 I’ve been telling people that I feel like newly weds again, just starting out, except we have two grumpy kids this time around!

My (yes I did say MY!!) house has four bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths.  A beautiful green and yellow tile kitchen and a fire place in the living room.  It was built in the 1930, a tan stucco house!  It’s adorable.  A few years ago someone built a sun room onto the back, so we have a lovely three season room off the back.  Prefect for playing while it’s raining outside.  I also for the first time have my very own washer and dryer! yay!  Titus isn’t doing the laundry anymore.  Even though we really do want to live in the country, for a town house we are very nicely situated just down the street from the store, library and park. 

A picture of our house and it’s happy home owners:


I hate the awnings over the windows and door and I have high hopes that those will be taken off some day. 

In other great news we finally heard back from the VA. They did find several ‘disabilities’ that are directly related to the military.  So that means that Titus will be receiving monthly money to compensate.  I don’t know where our government is getting the money, but I am very grateful for it since it is going to more than help make our monthly house payment.  Just when I was starting to wonder how we were going to pay for that God provided in a great way.  So it’s been a busy, stressful, but wonderful few weeks!  And I really love our house!!  You all need to come visit now, since we have room for you to stay!