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Texas – GES Confrence

Every April Titus goes down to Texas for a GES Conference. GES is Grace Evangelical Society, which teaches that salvation is completely by belief in Jesus. Titus loves this conference and finds it very encouraging every year. I went the first year, 2011. But the next year Gideon was born just a few weeks before. The year after that a friend was having a baby and wanted me there so I didn’t go last year either. This year Titus, myself, our three children and my cousin Jerrard made the trip down. Happily the conference is very close to the Wehrli’s home, childhood friends of mine (Chantal), and seeing them every year is great fun!

Basically it was a week of talking and eating! 😀


Titus went to the conference all day and the kids and I hung out with the Wehrli’s. The Wehrli’s are fabulous hosts, and are wonderful with little children. In a culture and society that doesn’t really embrace children, it was a breath of fresh air to this mommy to be with a family that liked my children, and weren’t bothered by them at all.  It was a stress free visit with them, even with three little children. All the Wehrli children are teenagers, or in their twenties but that didn’t stop them from loving on my kids, holding my kids, and taking us fun places. Even their 18 year old son helped put Faith to sleep in the car one day!

Uncle Lincoln and James watching something on one of the Wehrli’s smartphones.


James and Gideon loved this dog. And he was so great with the kids too.  They played for hours together.


Honestly all these pictures look alike when I take them this way. Some day I might be glad I did.


Aunt Alaina and baby Faith.


Jerrard giving Emma advice on how to handle parents. 😉


We have all been friends for so long! It’s so fun to see these beautiful Wehrli girls again!


Both on the way to Texas and on the way home we stayed at my Uncle Mark’s house. It was a bit out of the way, but almost right in the middle of the trip. For various reasons my Uncle Mark has two bath tubs over on the side of his yard. I have at least two different family members on my mom’s side that have taken pictures in them. Since it is becoming a tradition to take ‘bath tub’ pictures at his house, I really wanted one too!! 🙂 It was a lot of fun, ha ha. And Gideon would stay out of the way, so he is actually in the tub with me, and I’m holding him down. Mark and Nancy have a beautiful farm place now! Going outside and hearing the birds instead of cars was so nice, and made me kinda jealous!


We had a great trip this year! Already looking forward to next year! 🙂