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The last day of fall

It’s the calm before the storm. We reached almost 70 degrees today. But the cold and snow are coming this week. So today was the last day of fall and I thought a trip to the park would be fun. It was beautiful!


Levi and Faith.


James and Gideon


Pretending to be a train. James, Lincoln, and Gideon


James crossing the stream


Everyone crossing the stream




Mommy and Faith


Running races (James has quite a bad attitude towards losing. We need to work on that)

IMG_3590 IMG_3580

As the sun set the cold started coming and the kids feet were wet so we had to go home sooner than I wanted. But not before snapping this picture. Check out that sunset behind them!


When we got home I told the kids that we needed to clean up the back yard because it was probably going to snow tomorrow. James said, “Snow? I love snow!” At least someone is happy about it. 😉

Penners and a Pumpkin Patch!

I have been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch since last fall. My news feed on facebook is full of my friends taking their little ones to pumpkin patches. It is the thing to do in the fall if you have little kids. At the end of Oct we finally went to one. I. was. so. excited! James was excited too. I quickly figured out that there is much more than just pumpkin picking  going on at a pumpkin patch.

First we went down the 80 foot slide. James showed no fear at all and promptly went down by himself.

IMG_3505 IMG_3501

There was a maze:


Go carts


We spent quite a bit of time playing laser tag:




James was a bit short:


Faith standing all by herself!


They had a big hay bale pyramid. The hay smelled so good, and I’m not even a farm girl!

Daddy and the boys:


Mommy and Faith. (check out that blue sky!)


Launching little pumpkins. James really enjoyed this. Gideon enjoyed collecting them after shooting them.


James the scarecrow!


Waiting for the hay rack ride:


Family picture. I highly recommend taking all pictures before you have been at the patch for 2+ hours in 80 degree weather. Your children will be hot and tired and will NOT want a lot of pictures taken. If we go again I would take all the pumpkin patch and family pictures first!





Titus had a day off from work and we all needed to get out of the house. So we went hiking at the red rocks park that is only about 20 minutes from our house.



IMG_3090 IMG_3092 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3099

IMG_3089 IMG_3086

4th of July 2014

We had a small celebration of our nations freedom this year. We knew some of our families were getting together, and we always miss family on holidays. We did have a good day however.

First I have to show off the very cute t-shirts! I am so happy with how cute they are! Faith’s headband was made by her Aunt Tessa.  I could not get the kids to sit still though! This was the best one I got.


Going outside didn’t help at all either!

IMG_3050 IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3054

I like to make food that is patriotic. It helps celebrate in a bigger way I think. Plus it’s just fun! I wanted to do a picnic but we ended up eating in our back yard instead.


The Jello and cupcakes were a big hit!

IMG_3067 IMG_3061

IMG_3068 IMG_3069

Miss Faith. Her first 4th of July. She is almost 7 months!


We showed up just in time to see fireworks. Which turned out to be too late in city-ezz. It would be a small-town-there-is-always-room mentality that got us in trouble. There was no where to park! We ended up parking quite a ways away from the park, and walked for a while. In the end we sat in someone’s driveway. Next year we’ll probably go much earlier just to get a good parking spot!


Happy 4th of July! Remember freedom isn’t free! I am truly thankful for the freedoms I live with!

Hiking St. Mary’s Glacier

The last part of June some of my (Chantal’s) family was in town for a visit. Our good friends the Wehril’s were also in town so we met up to go hiking. We hiked to a glacier called St. Mary’s. It’s a pretty good hike up and absolutely beautiful at the top!

Chantal, Gideon, and Christine on the way up.


Saint Mary’s glacier is about 3/4’s of a mile up, so you are looking at 1 1/2 miles total hiking. It’s pretty rocky and high elevation (about 10,800 feet), so it’s not for the faint of heart. That being said, I am extremely out of shape and I carried kids up and down, and made it just fine. 🙂


James did awesome! Walked all the way up with Daddy (who is also carrying someone)!


This is what you will find at the top. A beautiful lake that is ‘fed’ by the glacier


And I of course tried to get a family picture. I love this first one!



Aunt Alaina and Gideon:


It’s was a bit chilly up there! But that didn’t stop the boys from playing in the water a little bit!




I love this picture so much. Uncles and nephews!



But Lord, I want her life!

     She had on a cute bangle bracelet, skinny jeans and the highest heels I’ve ever seen. The cute Filipino girl singing in church that day made me miss my old self. I heard thoughts running through my head like, “I miss dressing cute.” “I miss wearing necklaces.” “Did I even put makeup on today?”


James 3 1/2 years old

Those thoughts didn’t start that day. Oh, no my friends. A year ago when my life seemed to be in an up roar between being pregnant again, and moving 2 states away from family, a friend was buying a house with her husband that they plan on living in forever, have 2 kids and live happily ever after.  It was all planned out. I found myself thinking, “How nice it would be to know how many kids I’d have.” “I wish I had my life all planned out!” “Why do we keep moving?” “I want to live in one house forever.”


Gideon 2 years old

As if that wasn’t enough a month ago I was outside sitting around our little fire pit in the backyard. I’m sure Faith was sitting on my lap, I had 5 -6 boys/men running around screaming throwing water balloons at each other. (In case you are wondering, my two boys, my two brothers, my husband, and my cousin.) I glanced over across the fence and there was my neighbor sitting peacefully by herself by her fire pit making a list. I had thoughts like, “That looks so peaceful.” “What would that be like?” “I wonder if we are bothering her?”


Faith 6 months

When I am so focused on other people’s lives I become discontented. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t the work of Satan whispering in my ear, “Oh, look at her life. Wouldn’t that be nice!” Satan is the great deceiver, wouldn’t it make sense that he would place discontented lies in my ears? Life is short, and I need to enjoy the life that I have been given, not wish for other people’s lives. It robs me of my own happiness and I miss out on what a blessing my life really is. All those women sound happy and their lives sound great. But what you don’t know is that the girl in church, her husband is a pilot and is gone for days at a time. My friend has serious health issues, and my neighbor has told me that they want to have a baby but are having trouble getting pregnant. Who knows? Maybe she was sitting across the fence wishing my life was hers. 😉

You know what the true really is? When I’m not lusting after other women’s lives I am so happy. Life right now is great; I have never been happier.  For me happiness is looking into my children’s big blue eyes that look so much like their father’s, it’s sleeping next to them in bed, it’s reading stories, and looking for bugs.  It’s going on walks, and eating ice cream. It’s hearing my children call me Mommy! I have been blessed beyond measure. I have three beautiful and healthy children. I have a wonderful husband that loves me and loves our children. Really, who wouldn’t want this amazing life I’ve been given?


June 20th 2014

10 hours With Angela

Titus’ sister Angela had a layover here in Denver that was 12 hours long! That is a stupidly long layover, but lucky for her we live here so she spent the day with us. James woke up that morning and said, “Where is my Aunty Ang?” ha ha We had a few different ideas on how to spend the day, but Angela said she really wanted to go to Breckenridge and ride the gondola. So we loaded up the van and drove 1 1/2 hours only to find out that it wasn’t running. The sign said it was closed until June, we were there on June 3rd, but apparently that was too early in June.

 Angela and James and Gideon


What do we do now?


Take pictures?


Or go to the toy store and play?

IMG_2882 IMG_2883

More pictures?


We drove half way home and stopped at a park to go hiking. For being so excited about it the children were hugely uncooperative. We were very thankful that Angela was there to help us carry ALL of them most of the way up.


At the top there are a bunch of rocks to climb on. Suddenly the boy’s tiredness, grumpiness, and tummy aches vanished, but only until we headed back down.

IMG_2901 IMG_2893

It was, ah, a bit windy up there!


We tried to excite them to walk with sticks, but it didn’t work very long.


Faith was the best one of the bunch!


Angela and Gideon




Family picture on the same log that was in our Christmas letter.


Faith fell asleep on the way down.


Once we got to the bottom suddenly the boys were fine again! And they started picking wild flowers.











We had lots of fun with Angela! It was just too short! 🙂