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First Time Sledding

Those you that know me well know that I don’t like playing in snow very much. Even as a child I hated getting cold, and playing in snow means getting cold. However we have gotten two free sleds through Titus’ job and when a friend called and said she was taking her kids sledding I knew I had to go. “Alright, we will meet you there!” I told her. “But I really don’t know how long we will be there. Probably only 10 min. Faith will get cold pretty fast.” Boy was I wrong. When we got to the park I put Faith on a sled to watch everyone. I figured the longer she sat there the less snow would get on her and the less snow = less coldness. And yes, that is Faith not some random boy baby. I don’t really want to talk about her boyish snow gear.


The green sled is much bigger and heavier so I thought it would be the better one of the two.


The snow was pretty fluffy and was much better for making snow forts and snowman. But I walked up and down the hill to pack down the snow and then the kids could go down really fast.




And then all of sudden Faith figured out what was going on. That girl loves sledding!


Apparently the green sled is slow and the fast one is the blue one. The green sled just creeped along and was perfect for Faith. I actually put her on and shoved her down the hill by herself. 🙂


James and his friend Addy


James just loved sledding! He would zip down the hill on the fast blue sled barely sitting down before moving! Here he is on his tummy:


James and Faith


Faith wanted to go on the fast one so James held onto her and they went down together. James is such a good big brother!


Have you noticed the lack of pictures of Gideon? That’s because he got cold very early on and played in the truck the rest of the time.


So much for Faith being cold and saying we would only sled for 10 min! We were there for about an hour, and James and Faith made it the whole time! Apparently Gideon has Mommy’s genes. 😉 This is my favorite picture. The cold finally caught up with James, but Gideon who has been playing in the truck with the sun beating down on the windows is happy as pie!


When we got home the kids all drank hot chocolate together! What a great morning! I am so so so glad that Lisa unknowingly forced us to go sledding!


“Mommy, winter came back.”

After weeks of warm weather (like really warm! I had to put sunscreen on the kids a few times!) we woke up to this last Monday morning:


“Mommy?” James said to me


“Winter came back.”


Yes dear son it sure did!  I knew in my heart it was too early for spring (and the weather man kept tell us that as well). Even my daylilies thought it was spring! I’m not sure they will make it until spring or not now. 😦


The snow was so pretty though and so fluffy I wanted to take pictures of the kids in it. James didn’t want to but Gideon and Faith were willing participants.


I got this coat from Grandma Sharon. We are hoping it will bring back spring! 😀

IMG_3821 IMG_3822

Gideon. He is just a month and a half away from 3 years!

IMG_3827 IMG_3823

Mommy and Faith (14 1/2 months)


James finally decided he was missing out. But he forgot his coat.


What do we do in the house after spending the last several weeks outside? We actually went shopping that morning. It was president’s day and my favorite second hand stores were 50% off. And there I bought this kid’s board game. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life playing this with your kids then DON’T BUY IT!! This is now their favorite game. I am constantly playing it with them.


Also we got a big box in the mail from Grandma. The kids really like these big boxes they get in the mail! 🙂 James and Gideon sitting on the box before we opened it:


Grandma didn’t even know that Gideon’s favorite story is the 3 little pigs. This shirt was a big hit!!


James and Gideon playing with the new toys from Grandma. Thanks Grandma!


Bikes, ducks, and kids!

We have had wonderful weather the last few weeks. We have been hitting 60’s and even 70’s! The weather man was using words like, “Soaring highs this week”!


I just love it! I love that we can get a bit of a break from winter and get outside. We have gone to a lot of parks and played in the back yard. It was James’ idea to go feed the ducks. I needed some exercise so I rode my bike (with all three kids). This is a serious work out…..not for the faint of heart!


Gideon feeding the ducks popcorn:


In the winter they come right up to us because they are so hungry. In the summer they stay mostly in the water.


Faith didn’t understand that she was supposed to feed the popcorn to the ducks. 🙂 Popcorn is one of her favorite foods!




Faith 13 1/2 months


James and Gideon climbing on the rocks:


Faith loved the bike ride! And I am horribly out of shape!


Christmas 2014

We really had a wonderful Christmas this year! The kids opened their jammies on Christmas Eve again. That is a fun tradition we have done for several years now.


This year even Titus and I got new jammies!


Christmas morning:


The cutest super hero ever!


Titus’s new shirt! It says, “I love my wife”


Faith was kinda hard to shop for. She got this cute pink lady bug that spits balls out the back. She likes it a lot although it hasn’t held up very well.


Opening presents:


Looking at the presents:


Faith got a snack cup from Daddy. She absolutely loves it!


Playing with toys:


James and Gideon got How to train your dragon 2 movie and stuffed animals for Christmas. Here they are watching the movie with their very own dragons.


Loot pictures: Titus got some shirts and the all the seasons of Hogan’s Heros.


Titus did so well getting me things off my list! That makes me so happy!


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Clothes!

I honestly was not planning on writing a whole blog post about my children’s Christmas clothes. I just wanted to take a picture of them to put on facebook so the grandmas back in MN could see them. But the pictures turned out so funny I had to write about them

We got back from church a few Sundays back and I told the kids we would take pictures of their clothes to show Grandma.


We started out sitting down and everyone had a book to look at. But you couldn’t really see their clothes very well.


So I told them to stand up. But Faith’s book was too big and she kept dropping it and not standing up.


So I gave Faith a different book to hold that wasn’t so heavy. But that made Gideon mad. Check out his face in the corner:


I told the kids to say cheese and look at the face Faith gave me!! And Gideon is still mad.


I went to Kmart and lusted after all the cute Christmas dresses. But I just couldn’t get myself to spend $20 on a dress just for Christmas. So I went to the ARC thrift store and found a Baby Gap red dress for Faith. It is just beautiful on her! It has cute ruffles down the front and netting underneath. It’s the prettiest dress she has ever had. I paid less than $5 for it.


James shirt and vest also came from the ARC.


Gideon’s overalls I made for my little brother when he was a toddler, who is turning 13 soon so they are about 10 years old. I would have been in high school when I made them. They are still in great shape.  They are on the fourth little boy wearing them, Levi, Lincoln, James and now Gideon. (and Gideon is still mad)


Faith turns 1!

I really can’t believe I am writing about Faith’s first birthday. Where did this year go? She weighs about 23 pounds (we just figured out that our scale is broken, so we really don’t know what she weighs), loves pizza, pasta, and popcorn. She only has 6 teeth (!!!!!!) but is getting her molars right now. She does not sleep through the night. Happy Birthday Faith!!


She is such a big girl now. We keep calling her a baby, but considering she can walk and climbs on everything she really is a toddler now.


Faith has had a really happy year, vastly different from her brother’s first years. I didn’t know having a baby could be so enjoyable. Faith has been and continues to be so much fun. However for some reason she was really really grumpy for her party. I still am not sure what was so wrong. (at least James was in a good mood. He is always in a good mood when presents are involved)


She gave us all a smile when she rode on her rocking-snail.


And she momentarily stopped crying when she looked at her new books from Grandma Reynolds.

IMG_3697 IMG_3698

James and Gideon really liked their Christmas trees. Thanks Grandma!


She got the cutest little boots from Aunt Holly! I can’t wait for them to fit her!


Since it was only us I went really easy on Faith’s cake:


Daddy helped her blow out the candle. In the end though, I think James was the one that really did it. She was so grumpy she didn’t even eat any cake, but did try some ice cream. 🙂


Happy Birthday Faith!

The last day of fall

It’s the calm before the storm. We reached almost 70 degrees today. But the cold and snow are coming this week. So today was the last day of fall and I thought a trip to the park would be fun. It was beautiful!


Levi and Faith.


James and Gideon


Pretending to be a train. James, Lincoln, and Gideon


James crossing the stream


Everyone crossing the stream




Mommy and Faith


Running races (James has quite a bad attitude towards losing. We need to work on that)

IMG_3590 IMG_3580

As the sun set the cold started coming and the kids feet were wet so we had to go home sooner than I wanted. But not before snapping this picture. Check out that sunset behind them!


When we got home I told the kids that we needed to clean up the back yard because it was probably going to snow tomorrow. James said, “Snow? I love snow!” At least someone is happy about it. 😉