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James is 2!

I can’t believe how much James has changed in these last few months.  To say that our first 18 months were difficult would be putting it lightly. James used to have a very hard time with transitions.  Going from the bed or high chair to the floor was hard for him to handle.  I would hold him for 10 or 15 minutes before I could put him down.  Now? I still try to do that.  But he wiggles to get down. I forget that he doesn’t need help transitioning anymore, I forget that he is growing up.  All those long months of helping him learn to be happy, all those long months of not ‘just let him cry’ have payed off.  He is a well adjust boy now!  And you know what? I kinda miss holding him! I can’t believe I said that. ha ha.

James 2nd birthday, blowing out candles with Daddy:


And opening presents:


I love you James.  Even though you started life out on the wrong side of the bed, for about a year and half, I can’t imagine life without you. 🙂