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Thanksgiving 2014

Ah Thanksgiving! A time of food and family. I was pretty disappointed that we didn’t have anyone over other than my little family. Thanksgiving seems more special if you have lots of friend or family to share it with. When I asked my hubby what he wanted me to make he said he wanted turkey and chocolate milk. Well……that wasn’t going to happen. I set out making food a few days early, because I knew it wouldn’t all get down on one day. 🙂 I made cranberry muffins just like the ones I grew up eating on Thanksgiving. My boys helped cut the cranberries:


Can I just say that cooking a thanksgiving meal by yourself is A LOT OF WORK! I took a break for a bit on the couch. I missed my mom and sisters a lot. We would cook all day for Thanksgiving in my mom’s one-butt kitchen, but we sure had fun doing it!


But it did all get done! Turkey, potatoes, gravy, snicker salad, deviled eggs, muffins, buns, corn, carrots, and two kinds of pie. 😀


I made everything from scratch too. I was going to make the stuffing from a box until my almost 1 year old got into a bag of new bread. I couldn’t throw it away so I turned it into stuffing.


Check out my turkey! That my friends is what real butter will do to it! Considering it was still frozen the morning of Thanksgiving it sure turned out great! And we didn’t get sick either!! 😀


I cooked the turkey with a bunch of fresh herbs, but I couldn’t taste them at all. The weather was so nice that Titus moved the table outside so we could eat!


Our center piece! It is a pinterest craft that isn’t finished yet, so I put the pumpkins on top. It looks cute.


After cooking for at least two days, and planning the menu for almost a week no one was hungry by the time we all sat down. 😦 I don’t think James ate at all and Gideon only ate a few bits.I guess that is what happens with little kids.



I am so thankful for my little family.  I am also so thankful for this house we live in. It has been such a wonderful blessing for us! I am also so thankful I was taught how to cook!!

For the love of a straw hat

I have a clear and distinct memory from when I was an early teenager that involves a hat. We were at a picnic for a family that was moving away and one of my mom’s friends came walking down the hill. I clearly remember her wearing a long dress (maybe denim, not sure) her kids were running down the hill next to her (she had maybe 5 back then), and she was wearing a straw hat. She. looked. beautiful! I fell in love with straw hats right then and there. Ironically even though I love them, I’ve never had one that I really like.

About two years ago my cousin ruined my life by posting a picture of this hat on her facebook wall.

I love this hat. I’ve loved it for 2 years. I’ve lusted after this hat, and I think about it every single spring and summer. When I showed it to my hubby 2 years ago he gaped at the price, and I don’t blame him. It was about $100 then. I found it a bit cheaper now, around $60, but it’s still not something I’m going to pay. I’m just too cheap to spend that kind of money on just a hat.

So last week I was thinking about this hat yet again and got the brilliant idea to make my own. It won’t look perfect, but it just might be good enough for me.

I got a hat, yellow ribbon and printed off a picture of the original. I was seriously tempted to get the ribbon with polka dots but decided to make it as close to the original as possible.


I used a hot glue gun to attached the ribbon. I really thought about sewing the ribbon on and I am soooo glad I didn’t do that! At this point in my life I need EASY, FAST, and FUN crafts. I’m not sure how long the glue will hold up, but it looks great right now.


It only took me about 2 hours to do. The hat and ribbon together was about $5 at Wal-Mart. I figured if I messed up on the first hat I wasn’t out much money to try again. I do think getting a hat with out the small holes would make the words stand out more.

I got to wear it yesterday to the park for the first time and I love it!!


Gideon got in the way of this picture to tell me about the fire truck he could hear. He has cute legs.


Then he looked at the camera. Please move!


Thank you! ha ha


It isn’t perfect. I don’t have great ribbon writing skills, but for $5 and two hours I am MORE than pleased with the end result! I’ve also figured out that most people probably can’t read it while I’m wearing it. And I can’t read it while wearing it either. I am so glad I didn’t pay $60+ for it!!