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Milking the Cows and other fun stuff on the farm

Titus had been milking later in the morning and since the kids and I have been getting up earlier we went with him for a few mornings.  The kids loved it.  We normally go in the evening, which really doesn’t work very well since we all come home starving and there is no one cooking. 🙂   Since we aren’t going to be dairy farmers for very much longer I took a ton of pictures! Oh my goodness!

James helping feed the baby cows:

IMG_0757     IMG_0755

IMG_0751    IMG_0748

Titus hard at work:

IMG_0762      IMG_0760

Playing in the grain:

IMG_0767      IMG_0768

And the lime:

IMG_0769          IMG_0763

James actually understands where the lime is supposed to go:

IMG_0772    IMG_0770

I think Gideon just goes for all the Daddy hugs:

IMG_0774      IMG_0747

Gideon is also too scared to walk any further in the barn with out holding someone’s hand:

IMG_0775      IMG_0777

Trying to get to the hay mow:

IMG_0781         IMG_0780

Mister Hot himself:





(Not sure what’s with Titus’ face. Guess he was in a playful mood.)


Feeding the goats:

IMG_0791       IMG_0792 IMG_0800       IMG_0797

Begging for a ride on the tractor:


I think their new favorite thing to do is go for rides on the four wheeler.  Yes I know that doesn’t look very safe. And yes I kinda wish they had helmets on.  And yes I don’t drive very fast at all.


Playing with Grandma’s puppies:

 IMG_0804 IMG_0802 IMG_0807 IMG_0806IMG_0805

There is a sense of freedom that you get in the country.  I hope some day to move to a quiet little spot.

IMG_0811 IMG_0812