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Bacon and Eggs, chocolate style!

A few weeks before Christmas I was talking to a friend on the phone and she was telling me how to make bacon and eggs out of chocolate and pretzels.  Well the next thing I knew she was on my door step with everything I need to make them! What a sweet friend.  James and I just did them today and it was fun. Below is a step by step picture of what happened:


First we had to sort the M &Ms so we could get all the yellow ones (for the yoke of course).  It took a bit for James to understand, but as you can see from the picture with the green candies he did get it! I as so proud!

Then we had to line up the pretzels to look like bacon strips. The second picture is what they looked like after James fell off his chair and bumped the wax paper on his way down. ha ha!



Then came the placing of the yolks


Cheering himself on:

The finished look! We even had one egg with 3 yokes! wow!


The very best part was all the great, unlimited chocolate eating!


It was the perfect thing to do on a cold, snowy day. Thank you Diane for the great idea and for all the ingredients! 😀


The back yard My bird feeder.

Some times a husband buys chocolate for his lady

Some weeks are better then others.  My children are sick this week, and Titus is busy with the fall harvest right now and I miss him.  As I moved about the kitchen Saturday morning I started discovering little surprises all over the place. M & M’s here, a snickers there:Image

With little love notes on each one:




I found 5 in all, plus another one today, when I reached for the spices basket to make chili. I love that man!