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Family Day Out in Breckenridge

On Fridays I try to get my home-loving husband, and grumpy children out of the house for a family day.  It doesn’t have to be the whole day, but something special.  Two Fridays ago we went swimming at a new pool.  That was great fun, but I forgot my camera! Last Friday we drove into the mountains to Breckenridge for the day. Breckenridge is a ski resort town. We had a blast! The highlight of the day was riding on the gondola. As we were walking to it I was trying to calculate how much we were willing to spend it ride it.  We were absolutely shocked when the lady told us it was free!


James could hardly contain himself, he was so excited! When it was over I had to physically carry him off (kicking and everything). The next few days afterward he has been asking to “go on a ride” every morning. And if you haven’t heard a 3 year old try to say gondola than you are missing out!


It was the perfect place to nurse Faith too! It was just us and is a 10 minute ride up and 10 minute ride down. We rode it twice a few hours apart, so I nursed Faith both times we took a ride.  It was perfect! (She’s not actually nursing in the picture. Just waking up and thinking about it)


Daddy and Gideon


Even Faith liked looking out the window.


We also went to a toy store. They had a nice place to play with a train table:


A little trampoline:


And a kitchen with a little shopping cart. We thought it was pretty cute that Faith could fit in the cart. Too bad she can’t sit up yet.


There is tons of shopping to do but we didn’t feel like dragging the kids around town. There is also a children’s museum and grandparents are free. 😀 So we think some grandparents should come and play with the kids at the children’s museum while Titus and I shop. 😀 😀 Otherwise the museum does something called “Parents night out”. For a fee they watch your kids for about four hours. The only problem is that I have a really hard time leaving my kids with a bunch of people I don’t know. I don’t care how much screening they do.

Oh, and the buses are free around town. We didn’t have time to do that, but James and Gideon would love it! Maybe next time. This Friday if the weather is warm enough I really want to go to the Zoo.

On a sad and different note, my computer is un-usable at the moment, perhaps forever. I am trying to not complain too much about it, but it’s really hard. Since moving the internet has become even more personable to me because all my family and friends are far away. It’s the biggest way I get to interact with other people. But it is just a computer. I found out last Sunday that a lady I had taken a few meals to died on Friday from her brain tumor. I used to go witnessing in downtown Minneapolis when I lived up there, and I have been getting e-mails for the last few months from the leader about his wife who is dying. At the moment I am reading the Dugger’s new book, A Love That Multiplies, which starts off about their preemie baby and how hard that was. In light of all these circumstances my computer not working is a very very little thing. 

I can use Titus’ computer in the mornings and when he is at class. I just won’t be on facebook as much or write as many blogs. Donations are now being accepted! Just kidding……

Book Review: The Breastfeeding Culture!

Check it out! Look at what came in the mail today!


Need a closer look?


Any breastfeeding book is exciting I suppose. But this one is extra special to me. Because….


My very own breastfeeding story is on page 80!


A year ago I wrote this post about how my story was going to be published in a book! And now I have that book. I am one of only two stories given in the chapter on food sensitivities. At the beginning of the book she says:

When I put out the call for stories of online breastfeeding support to be submitted for this book, I received hundreds of responses from mothers willing to share their experiences.” 

I had no idea that so many people offered their stories, and I am so honored that she chose my story to be in her book.

This isn’t a very good book review since I haven’t actually read the whole book yet. But I was too excited to let you all know that I got the book! 🙂  So far from what I’ve read it’s a great book.  In each chapter it has several personal stories from moms on each of these topics:

Booby Traps

Pumping and Working

Breastfeeding After Losing a Child

Breastfeeding Preemies in the NICU

Food Sensitivities

Exclusive Pumpers

Milk Donors

Too Little, Too Much: IGT and BFAR

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

Breastfeeding with Depression and Mood Disorders

The Unexpected While Pregnant

At the end of the book she has several pages of resources to help you with any breastfeeding troubles. It looks like a great book, but of course I’d say that because my story is in it. 😉

I’ve saved a hand written note from the author for over a year so I could tape it into my book.  And today I did just that!


You can buy your very own copy here from Amazon!

Help!! I don’t know what to do with a happy baby!

As many of you know my first born wasn’t a happy baby.  We figured out a few things (like giving up dairy) but he was still fussy for the first 19 months of life. I feel like I grew as a mother and parent, and learned so much from that first year of James’ life. But. it. was. horrible! To have a constantly crying baby, that needs to be constantly held and doesn’t sleep well is very very draining in every single way. 

James’ first Christmas 2 1/2 months old.


James magically became a happy baby the day we had Gideon. Go figure on that. I worried my whole pregnancy! How in the world could I take care of James AND BABY!! I’m not going to lie, that summer was pretty hard. I had to give up dairy and wheat with Gideon. Gideon also woke up to nurse every 2 hours until he was about 14 months old. No I’m not joking!

Aug 2012 Gideon is about 3 months, James is almost 2. This picture sums up our summer pretty nicely.


I couldn’t put Gideon down either. He cried quite a bit, and if he was happy on the floor James would attack Gideon (out of love) so I had to watch both of them all the time. I had people tell me, “Oh enjoy these years!” “I miss my kids being babies!” “They are so sweet at this age! And then they grow up!” What a joke! I couldn’t wait for them not to be babies anymore!

While I was pregnant with Faith I remember telling my aunt that I wasn’t looking forward to the big black hole I seem to live in the first year after having a baby.  It’s not really postpartum depression, it’s just really hard!

But Faith! Faith is different!


She hardly ever cries. And when she does it’s pretty easy to figure out what she needs. James and Gideon like to hold her and talk to her, but when she’s playing on the floor they mostly leave her alone. Oh, which by the way, SHE LIES ON THE FLOOR! I don’t know what to do! I forget to even try and will ask Titus to hold her so I can go do something quick. I feel guilty leaving her on the floor. Shouldn’t I be holding her? Isn’t she lonely on the floor by herself?

I feel sad when I look at all the clothes she has out grown. I finally understand what all those people were talking about! I am totally enjoying Faith as a baby, in a way that I never did with my boys. Some people might judge that statement but if you haven’t had a fussy baby than you really really don’t understand. And to those moms that have had a fussy baby, it’s truly truly worth it to keep having babies until you get a happy one. It is a completely different experience that every mom should have!


Speaking of having kids. I have been very very surprised at the amount of people who assume we are done.  Random people at the park, at stores, in church (“I had three kids in three years too! It’s hard but then you are done and they grow up and move away.”). It took me awhile to figure it out, but I think it’s because we have both genders now and most people would stop.  Well I guess we aren’t most people. We hope to have more children. We view children as a gift and blessing from God.

Psalm 127:3-5

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.

How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them;
They will not be ashamed
When they speak with their enemies in the gate.

Proverbs 17:6

Children’s children are the crown of old men; And the glory of children are their fathers.

Not every one comes away from a big family with a good experience, but I did. I love my family and love the thought of having my own big family. We haven’t set a magic number of when we would stop, we’ll just take it one baby at a time. And if babies are really as fun and easy as Faith than we have a happy future a head of us. 🙂

Beating the Thrush Bully, and other nursing news

I’m on my third nursing child now.  Faith is almost 2 months old and so far I have not had to give up any food.  This is very encouraging!  With James I had to give up dairy for quite a while, and Gideon I gave up wheat AND dairy for about 2 or 3 months.  It’s hugely unfair, but I do it for my babies because I know it’s the best thing for them!  It’s the whole dying to ones self that happens when you become a mom.  Nursing Faith has not been a picnic though. In the first month I had a plugged duct and a milk blister (both of which are really really painful). As I was getting over those I started to think I had thrush.  I had thrush when Gideon was about a month old, so I knew some of the signs.  I had some burning after Faith would eat, and I was kinda pink, and she was having a hard time latching on.  All of these are signs of thrush.  I had a hard time getting rid of it with Gideon, partly because I had a really really bad case (because it went on for so long with me knowing what was wrong), and because he got thrush in his mouth.  But I caught it really early with Faith, and since she didn’t have it yet I went the home remedy route.


(the most modest nursing picture you’ve ever seen!)

There are tons of home remedies out there for thrush so you have your pick of what you want to do.  I’m over two weeks free of any symptoms so I think thrush is gone for good!  And I never saw a doctor! 🙂  I started with Gentian Violet.  You can buy this pretty much anywhere that has a pharmacy. The good thing about this is that it treats both mother and baby.  It doesn’t always work (it didn’t help with Gideon), so I decided to do something else as well.  


(Totally satisfied! She loves to nurse!)

I had read a few different places that baking soda helps balance the PH level in your body. A yeast infection is an imbalance of PH in your body.  One website I read said to mix 1T with water and drink daily, one website said 2t and one site said 1t.  Well I got out that tablespoon, and knew right away that I couldn’t do it.  So I did 2 teaspoons mixed in water the first day. It. was. horrible!!  I burped baking soda the rest of the day!  So the next day I did only 1 teaspoon, which I got down, and did that for the next 10 days. It seemed to get easier to get down as the days went on.  I also took a probiotic that specialized in yeast imbalance (I’m still taking this).

I think it was a mixture of all these things that helped get rid of the thrush. My midwife said she thinks I’m just prone to yeast infections, not something anyone wants to hear.  But at least I have a plan next time!  I bought some grapefruit seed extract that is also supposed to be really good at getting rid of thrush.  I think I’ll try that next time instead of the Gentian Violet since that can be kinda messy.

I’m also dealing with toddler gymnastics while I nurse Faith.


Yes I did take that picture while nursing and being attacked all at the same time. It is extremely annoying! Everything I’ve done hasn’t helped.  Almost every time I sit down to nurse I have Gideon crawling all over my shoulders.  Hopefully it’s just a stage that will go away very soon. Any thoughts anyone has that might help I’m an open book.  Every time he climbs up on the chair I tell him he has to sit nice or he has to get down.  I’ve been pretty consistent too, at putting him on the floor as soon as he climbs up on my shoulders.  It hasn’t helped.  I’ve tried reading to him or distracting him with other things, no go. I usually end up calling for Titus to come help and even that doesn’t work sometimes!

Even though I haven’t had the easiest of times nursing, I still like it.  And honestly I’m to lazy to bottle feed.  With nursing it’s always ready, the perfect temperature, I can’t forget it at home, I can’t run out and I don’t have any bottles that need washing (I have a hard enough time keeping up with the dishes!). I’m not going to forget to mention the amazing benifites it gives to my kids, and the fact that it’s lowering chances of getting breast cancer for me. I know it’s not for everyone, but for me it’s great!


My breastfeeding story so far. :)

It sounds like I am going to be published! 😀  A lady is writing a book about breastfeeding and she wants my story! Below is what I sent to her. I am anxiously waiting for the book, which will come out this May some time! 🙂


Breastfeeding has been a part of my whole life. I’m the oldest of 7 kids, all of whom were breastfeed (most past 2 years old!). Plus all of my mom’s friends were super breastfeeding mothers; most of them had over 5 kids and never seemed to have any problems.  I was exposed to many boobies and babies. Fast forward 25 years and I’m the mommy to be, and after watching my mom effortlessly nurse my 6 younger siblings I thought, “No big deal”.  A few weeks before my first son was to be born a very nice woman from our church lent me two books on breastfeeding just. In the pages of those books I learned the truth: breastfeeding is not always easy, nor is it always a natural instinct between mommies and babies.  I worried a bit, but again I wasn’t starting from scratch, I had my mom, right? Not that it occurred to me that she was 4,000 miles away since I had moved to Hawaii to be with my in-listed husband.  But no worries, it can’t be that hard. My first son, James, was born at home and we didn’t have too much trouble at first. We had some latching on problems due to some inverted nipples, but my mid-wife guided me through that and we seemed to be home free. At a week and half my son started crying. Not a nice, gentle cry, that could be soothed and helped. But a cry that lasted all day, and sometimes at night. I was dumfounded on what to do. As the weeks went by slowly I got more info. My cousin over facebook told me that she gave up dairy products with one of her kids. My midwife also said it could be something I’m eating. My mom said google it. So I did.  I came across a website that gave detailed instructions on how to eliminate dairy from your diet.  10 long days later my son stopped the painful crying. Oh believe me, he still cried, but not that painful sad crying he did before.  Before I gave up dairy he couldn’t be soothed with breastfeeding, only eating as much as he could handle and then quitting. Slowly he started eating more at each meal.  Giving up dairy was totally worth it. I was dairy-free for 5 months, and partly-dairy free for another 6 months.  We developed a great bond breastfeeding once the dairy was gone, and I was sad when he weaned himself at 15 months.

            Fast forward again 19 months from my first born to my second son. This time, I thought, will be no problem. Surely I wouldn’t have to give up any food this time around. I mean, come on, my mom nursed 7 kids and never gave up anything!  So Gideon was also born at home although with a different mid wife since my hubby had left the Marine Corps and we had moved back to our home state. Nursing started out great, we had the first week of pain while the nipples toughen up, but it truly wasn’t that bad. Then at a month old I started having pain again. I’ll just wait it out, I thought. It’s probably from nursing at night or something. After about a week it got worse and worse, one of my nipples was cracked in 5 different places and every time my son latched on it would reopen those cracks. I was bright red on both sides, which I thought was weird but just kept with it. Finally I broke down; the pain was just too great.  I told my husband I was ready to quite, I told my mom I was ready to quite. I. had. had. enough. I would sit crying  holding my poor son (also crying) while I got up the nerve to latch him on. “Okay sweetie! Ready?? Mommy isn’t ready. Okay, ready? One, two, three! AWWWWWWW.” For some reason, yelling out loud really helped me, although this can be greatly disturbing to your little tyke. 🙂 So through my tears my mom tells me that it’s weird that I am having pain again. “Maybe something’s wrong,” she says “Have you googled anything? Maybe you have thrush”. Hummm, well okay. So I start googling again and thrush keeps coming up. So off we, my mom, me, my sister, and baby go, to the nursing consultant at the local hospital to see what she says. Turns out my mom was right, something was wrong and it was thrush.  Thrush is not fun, but you can beat it if you try hard enough. My son and I battled it for two months but finally got rid of it. Many thanks to all the home remides that people have put in their blogs and other places on the internet, couldn’t have done it without you. To make matters worse, Gideon also started a nightly crying of about 4 or 5 hours every evening. He did similar things as his older brother, pulling his legs up, lots of gas, and a very distressed look on his face. So I gave up dairy. After 3 weeks and there was no change, I was so discouraged.  I remembered all the research I did with James and sadly the next food to give up is wheat. I didn’t want to do that at all.   “It’s not fair,” I whined to my mom. “I hate breastfeeding.”  So guess what? I gave up wheat, and it made the biggest difference! All the crying stopped, and I had a happy baby again.
         The online breastfeeding support I have gotten has been invaluable.  I was clueless on how to eliminate all these foods from my diet. The blogs and websites other moms have taken time to write and organize is such a great source of info. My second son is 9 months now and I love breastfeeding.  It’s a great bonding experience and one that I would miss greatly if I had quit. So are you having problems? Do you want to quite? Been there, done that. My advice is skip the medical and doctor websites and read the mom blogs, and websites made by moms and mid-wives. You can have a GREAT breastfeeding experience if you really want it. Don’t give up, mommy!


By far the best website for milk allergy/sensitivities:


Other websites:

http://kellymom.com/http://www.mothering.com/community/t/941918/wheat-allergies-breastfeedinghttp://www.loveyourbaby.com/foods-to-avoid-while-breastfeeding.html  ;

And for Thrush:




~The Breastfeeding Book by Martha Sears, R.N. and William Sears, M.D.

~The New Bestfeeding: Getting breastfeeding right for you By Mary Renfrew, Chloe Fisher, and Suzanne Arms.