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Family Day Out in Breckenridge

On Fridays I try to get my home-loving husband, and grumpy children out of the house for a family day.  It doesn’t have to be the whole day, but something special.  Two Fridays ago we went swimming at a new pool.  That was great fun, but I forgot my camera! Last Friday we drove into the mountains to Breckenridge for the day. Breckenridge is a ski resort town. We had a blast! The highlight of the day was riding on the gondola. As we were walking to it I was trying to calculate how much we were willing to spend it ride it.  We were absolutely shocked when the lady told us it was free!


James could hardly contain himself, he was so excited! When it was over I had to physically carry him off (kicking and everything). The next few days afterward he has been asking to “go on a ride” every morning. And if you haven’t heard a 3 year old try to say gondola than you are missing out!


It was the perfect place to nurse Faith too! It was just us and is a 10 minute ride up and 10 minute ride down. We rode it twice a few hours apart, so I nursed Faith both times we took a ride.  It was perfect! (She’s not actually nursing in the picture. Just waking up and thinking about it)


Daddy and Gideon


Even Faith liked looking out the window.


We also went to a toy store. They had a nice place to play with a train table:


A little trampoline:


And a kitchen with a little shopping cart. We thought it was pretty cute that Faith could fit in the cart. Too bad she can’t sit up yet.


There is tons of shopping to do but we didn’t feel like dragging the kids around town. There is also a children’s museum and grandparents are free. 😀 So we think some grandparents should come and play with the kids at the children’s museum while Titus and I shop. 😀 😀 Otherwise the museum does something called “Parents night out”. For a fee they watch your kids for about four hours. The only problem is that I have a really hard time leaving my kids with a bunch of people I don’t know. I don’t care how much screening they do.

Oh, and the buses are free around town. We didn’t have time to do that, but James and Gideon would love it! Maybe next time. This Friday if the weather is warm enough I really want to go to the Zoo.

On a sad and different note, my computer is un-usable at the moment, perhaps forever. I am trying to not complain too much about it, but it’s really hard. Since moving the internet has become even more personable to me because all my family and friends are far away. It’s the biggest way I get to interact with other people. But it is just a computer. I found out last Sunday that a lady I had taken a few meals to died on Friday from her brain tumor. I used to go witnessing in downtown Minneapolis when I lived up there, and I have been getting e-mails for the last few months from the leader about his wife who is dying. At the moment I am reading the Dugger’s new book, A Love That Multiplies, which starts off about their preemie baby and how hard that was. In light of all these circumstances my computer not working is a very very little thing. 

I can use Titus’ computer in the mornings and when he is at class. I just won’t be on facebook as much or write as many blogs. Donations are now being accepted! Just kidding……

The Penner Family as Snowmen

If anyone knows me well knows I don’t like to “play” in the snow. I’m not fond of sledding, I HATE snowball fights, even snowmobiling isn’t that fun (but I’ve only done that once or twice so maybe I haven’t given it a good enough try).

Anyway, James has been asking to make a snowman and we got an inch or two of very wet snow last night.  So I hid my displeasure and while Faith took her  morning nap the boys and I went outside and made a snowman family.

I am obviously not very good at this.  The middle snow ball ended up the same size as the bottom snow ball. 😦


And then when I put it on top of the first snowball it broke all over the place. James kept saying, “It’s okay Mommy. It’s okay!”


James got really good at rolling snowballs.


Gideon liked to pat snow on top of the heads.


James tried to dig up some rocks for eyes, but it was a lot of work so we abandoned that idea after just a few.


Almost done, the “noses” were momentarily being eaten so we had to wait until Gideon was done with that!


Meet The Daddy (complete with a USMC hat)


The Mommy and Baby Faith

(Gideon had just dumped a bunch of dirt on the head so it looks like the mommy has a black eye)


Meet James and Gideon


The  Penner Snowman Family


I actually had a really fun time and I think it’s because it was so warm  outside.  Whatever it was we had fun!

Can you imagine the Duggers making their family into snowmen?

Today at the park…..

It’s been on the cold side (all you MN people be quiet!!) for the last few weeks and we haven’t been to the park in a while.  My boys I think have cabin fever or something, from not going anywhere.  So today when it reached 60 I packed everyone up in strollers and a bike and took them to the park.  By the time we got there the wind had kind of picked up and Gideon was mad because James brought a bulldozer and he didn’t have one.  The snow has been melting all day so there were large puddles all over the place, which of course my boys had to play in.  Do you know what happens when little boys play in puddles in Feb???? THEY GET COLD!!! James decided he didn’t want to ride his bike home and of course he would do that to me on the day I took the stroller and not the wagon! This was the very first time I had taken the double stroller with Faith’s car seat.  As you can see below the stroller wasn’t made for two toddlers, a bike, a car seat, and a baby.  Something (or one) had to be bumped off.  I am soooo happy I threw the Moby in the stroller last minute!!


I totally wore the wrong skirt to the park.  I love love love the long maxi skirts, but when there is slush on the ground it gets so dirty.  I really hope I can get it clean.


Both boys were crying because they were cold. At least Faith was nice and warm in the Moby. She was asleep too!


 It’s almost all up hill on the way home, and before you think I’m amazing, I only made it about a block before Titus came to get us. 🙂


You might think the park trip wasn’t worth it, and I might have agreed with you except for the mom I met there today.  I never caught her name, but I do know that she:

a. Had three kids in three years

b. Grew up on a farm in Montana (her parents are visiting right now and as soon as I saw her dad I knew they were farmers. 😉 ) I think she was home schooled too.

c. Moved here with her husband to go to Denver Seminary

d. Her husband is going to school on the GI Bill (no joke!!)

e. When I said that because of the GI money and some VA disability money and really cheep rent Titus doesn’t have to work and is home a lot she just nodded her head and said, “My husband too.” (No this isn’t a dream!)

f. She literally lives just a few blocks from us.

She got my number and I really really hope she calls me and we can have them over. She said that they live in an apartment and don’t have a yard or anything. I told her to come over any time because we have a great backyard that is fenced in and lots of riding toys for the kids!! God works in such wonderful ways! 😀

When I thanked Titus profusely for coming to get us he said, “You were only 2 blocks from home!” I just might have slapped that boy if Valentine’s Day wasn’t tomorrow! 😀


Christmas Day 2013

Despite my earlier post about a blue Christmas Titus and I did get it together and we had a fun morning.  Last year we started a tradition of getting our kids new (well new to us) jammies that they can open on Christmas Eve.  I started looking for jammies at second hand stores back in October.  We got some very cute ones this year!

Christmas Eve, James, Gideon and Faith in their new jammies:


Gideon and I got up earlier then everyone else so we watched the end of A Very Monkey Christmas (Curious George) while we waited for everyone else to wake up.  First we opened stockings:


Both boys got 3 little airplanes in their stockings.  I bought them very cheap at a second hand store way back in Oct.  They have had a lot of fun with them.


And then I made breakfast, which no one ate but me.  Titus wasn’t feeling well (upset stomach among other things) so he didn’t eat and

the kids ate the stuff from their stockings.  I made so many cinnamon rolls I ate them for days!


Opening presents:


Daddy and his pull up bar:


Our boys and their new cowboy boots!  They have worn them every day since!


Mommy and her new yellow cast iron pot! (super super super happy!!!)


New blue tractors from Grandparents Penner:

IMG_1838 IMG_1839

And the best present for the boys, Hungry Hungry Hippos!  At the last minute on Christmas Eve I bought it for them at the second hand store for $2.  My poor boys, it only came with one marble!!!! 

But that didn’t stop them from having fun and they played with it all day! 


I am very very proud of Titus for really getting in and having fun with the kids, even though he felt sick.  Way to go Babe! It was a very Merry Christmas!

A Blue Christmas

We are struggling with Christmas a little bit this year.  I was asking Titus yesterday morning why that is.  I love Christmas!  I love everything about it!  And I married a man who loves it just as much as I do.  He even called me a Grinch one year about something, which is just ridiculous because of how much I get into all the decorating and planning. 🙂


But this year we seem to be lacking enthusiasm for the holiday. Maybe it’s because of having a new baby, or sleep depravity, or the fact that this is the fourth house we’ve had Christmas in (we’ve never had two Christmases in one house), or lack of extra cash lying around wanting to be spent ;), or not having any extra family Christmases (we normally have 3 other ones!).  What ever it is Titus and I are struggling a bit.  On one hand it’s a good thing that our kids are still so little and don’t have expectations.  But on the other hand I want them to have a happy and exciting Christmas morning.


Yesterday, two days before Christmas we left the house for the first time since Faith was born and went and bought a tree.  We spent more than I wanted to, but did get a nice little tree.

(Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree!!)


It actually fits in that little corner pretty well.   To add to our already blue Christmas when we got the lights out we found that none of them work except half of two strands.  Titus was pretty grumpy last night, I think he isn’t getting enough sleep.  It amazes me how much sleep men need.  So the lights weren’t a very good way to start, and Titus didn’t want to try to fix all of them.  For some reason we have a whole bunch of lights but the strand is white, not green. We’ve never used them before (because they are white!), but they work!  So we put white lights on the tree.  There is a reason they make green stranded lights, in case anyone is wondering.  I tried to stuff them to the middle of the tree so the white isn’t as noticeable.


Then Titus put the star on the tree.  I really really don’t like the star we have…in fact we have had it for 4 years and I’ve gotten out of using it every year so far! But not this year, AND we couldn’t find the plastic thingy it sits on so the blasted star is zip tied to the tree.  No, I’m not joking!

IMG_1817 IMG_1818 IMG_1819

I love doing ginger bread houses and have done one every year since high school. I have been so sad that I haven’t done one this year.  But yesterday I found a kit at Sam’s greatly on sale and James and I decorated it last night!  It’s made me a little less blue!  And it’s a huge house, I’ve never done one this big before!


The frosting wasn’t gluing very well so I got the hot glue gun out to put the house together. I’ve never done that before! That worked remarkable well!  I highly recommend using one if you are frustrated with your frosting.


Another good thing that happened was that I found my long lost Ecuadorian manger scene that my Aunt Sylvia gave me as a bridal shower gift!  We’ve never gotten to use it because I couldn’t find it any where!


AND our stockings are done!  More on that later, but they look fabulous!


Today I’m going to go to the store and buy pre-made treats and cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast.  There are two presents for the boys that I really really want to still get them, that I actually ordered and never picked up at the store so the order was canceled. I have a feeling that the store might just have them in stock though, so I might drive over there and see what I can find.  That probably won’t happen though. 😉

And finally, the results of mommy getting out of the house: a new outfit for Faith, one that actually fits!  I was so sure it would be too small, it looked so small on the hanger.  It fits just right!


All this to say even though our Christmas might be a hot glued, zip tied, not home made Christmas, we do have so much to be thankful for.  We have three beautiful, healthy children.  We have a warm house, and good food.  The very first Christmas was less than ideal.  Comparing my Christmas with having a baby in a barn doesn’t look so bad after all.  Christmas isn’t about the tree, or the presents, or the food, or the decorations…it’s about Jesus birth.  The start of his life, that He gave for us.  So maybe by having a blue Christmas, in the end it’s really a good thing because our focus is more on Christ.  The only reason we even have Christmas.

Children’s Museum

The first Tuesday of every month from 4 – 8 the Denver Children’s Museum has a free day.  Apparently Target pays for it and we all get in free of charge.  Emma and I went September right at 4 and stayed the whole four hours.  It was exhausting for both of us!  In October I had to go by myself because Titus has class on the first and third Tuesday nights.  In November Titus asked his teacher if they could have class a different day so that he could go with me.  I’m so thankful for such an easy going school!  I am also very thankful Titus went with me this month because I could really tell I’m a month further in my pregnancy.  I’m not sure I could have kept up with the boys very well at all.  I also got to take a few pictures this time around.  I’m normally sooooo busy running around, keeping track of two little boys in a very very crowded place that I don’t get to take any pictures.  What I really need is someone to follow us around to JUST take pictures because there really is fun stuff and cute pictures to be taken.

By far their favorite place to play is the grocery store.  I despise grocery shopping any day, and this “store” isn’t any better. 😉  I find it very tiring, but the boys have sooo much fun!  

 IMG_1615 IMG_1614

James checking out his groceries:

IMG_1616 IMG_1617

All Gideon likes to do is fill his cart with fruit and veggies.  Then I dump it out and he fills it again. He’s so cute!


The boys and I have not gone to the bubble room at all.  The floor is slippery and it was too much work to look after both of them by myself.  But this time Titus took James while I stayed with Gideon in another room.  They both had fun! You stand on this little platform and pull a rope which brings up the ‘bubble’. So you can stand inside a bubble.  Pretty cool!

IMG_1621 IMG_1620

They also have a retired fire truck with child size uniforms.  This is also one of the boy’s favorite rooms.


It really is said how few pictures I got.  Next month Aunt Alaina and Aunt Tessa will be here, and I’m hoping they will take the boys!  😀 hint hint

My boy’s room is finished!

Today I finished a big  project that I’ve been working on since at least September.  I finished decorating my boy’s room!!  It’s kinda sad, but even though James is three I’ve never decorated a child’s room before.  Our first two houses he didn’t have a room so I couldn’t do any nursery decorating at all.  He did have his own room in our third house but I had a new baby and was much much to tired to do much of anything let alone decorate a room.  When we moved here James and Gideon’s room was already painted a beautiful bright yellow.   It really helped that I didn’t have to paint.  It’s probably one of the reasons their room actually got done!  I already had a lot of the wall hangings and ideas of what I wanted to do to their room.  Their room is decorated in the Kidsline barnyard theme (hopefully I don’t get into trouble for getting this picture from e-bay!)


I bought three different sets from three different states on craiglist, Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado. 😀  Each set came with something extra that I wanted, but I did end up with doubles or triples of stuff.  Which was kind of did on purpose.  Both of my boys have out grown cribs and toddler beds so the quilt that comes with this set is too small.  So I decided to sew them each a quilt with the extra pieces that I had gathered together.  This ended up being a big project! But their room looks fabulous!!

I ended up with extras of a crib bumper, 2 crib skirts, a curtain, and a diaper stacker.  I also had to buy some extra fabric in matching colors to fill in the gaps and for the back of the quilts.  That ended up being kind of expensive but I bought it all at Hobby Lobby to support them! (You can rationalize anything if you really want too, ha ha!)


My sister Emma was still living with us and she helped me seam rip most of the already made bedding.  Let me just say this, it is MUCH MUCH easier and MUCH MUCH faster to start from scratch fabric then to take apart something that is already made. 🙂  And you wouldn’t believe how many seams are in a crib bumper!!

Believe it or not I don’t have a big enough space on the floor in any of my rooms to lay them side by side, so I had to over lap them.  And some how Gideon’s quilt ended up a bit smaller than James’. Not sure how that happened except that I made James’ first and so Gideon’s was more pieced together with what was left over.


James’ is the one in blue and Gideon’s is the one in yellow.  I really didn’t want to do blue but focus more on green and yellow just in case the new baby is a girl, but the blue really did look the best.


I also really didn’t want to tie them but quilt the pieces together.  But my sewing machine couldn’t quit do it, so they are tied. (which was horrible crawling around on the floor to tie with this big belly of mine!)


My boy’s room before:


And after:


Can you say WOW how great does that look?? ha ha.  And as a side note, yes I know Gideon is sleeping like a little king on his big bed.  The child rolls so much in his sleep that even a single mattress is too small.  I’m hoping to transition him into a single size after that baby comes.

I had to cut up the diaper stacker because I needed the white part to finish the edging on Gideon’s quilt.  I just barely had enough.  That left me with the picture though so I sewed up another wall hanging out of that:


Emma helped me do the stenciling on the walls.  Funny story, in our first house in Minnesota I had no closets, and no shelves.  And when I say I had none, I truly had none.  I was at Michael’s one day and they had all these letters with hooks on the end that were so cheap they were practically giving them away.  So I bought a bunch and we used them to hang our coats and other stuff on in that house.  When we moved to our second house in MN I actually had functional closets and didn’t need the letter hooks.  I had them hanging up in the storage room next to the wall hangings that would some day go in my boy’s room.  Late one night while rocking and nursing Gideon I noticed that a lot of the letters matched up with the animal and color.  And thanks to Emma for help with P is for pony we used all of them!

IMG_1630 IMG_1631 IMG_1632     IMG_1625

I also ended up with two crib mobiles so I turned one upside down and hung it under the light.  I think it looks cute, Emma thought it looked a bit weird. 😉


When I took apart the extra curtain for Gideon’s quilt I saved the tabs and sewed them to the extra crib size quilt to hang on the wall.  All I had to do was paint the wooden dowel red!


This red dresser is for Baby.  The nobs match the rest of the room, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Penner!


I still have a compete crib bumper, skirt, quilt, sheets, mobile and two fleece blankets for the new baby that match.  😀  And as you can see in the very first picture (and as a hint to all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and good friends) there are still many ‘extras’ that go with the room set that we don’t have. 😀 And I have all these scraps left over. Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet.


And because this is just so cute I had to add this picture.  I was sewing yesterday afternoon while Gideon was taking a nap and James called me over to show me this:


The baby sharks are nursing from the mommy shark. Goodness I think maybe we have taken this a little bit far. 🙂  But I do love the fact that he was playing by himself so I could sew!!