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Book Review: Founding Mothers

Earlier this week I was at the library with my kids. After finding books about trucks, monkeys, bugs, and firefighters, I was heading to the front to check them out when I walked by this book:

I knew my boys wouldn’t sit through it and I almost walked past. But it made me curious and I grabbed it off the shelf. The next day Daddy was getting ready to read to the boys and I told him, “Oh no, not that one. That one is for me.” With eyebrows raised he asked why I checked out a kids book for myself. 🙂 Because I wanted to read it!

So this book as all about a few ladies in our nation’s history that did great things during the Revolutionary War. Each double page spread is about a different lady, how she met her husband and what she did for this country. The artist, Diane Goode, took great pains to try and copy each lady’s signature exactly how they wrote it themselves.  It’s a great book, one that our daughters and sons alike should read.  Of course you will read about the very famous ladies we all know about:

Dolley Madison (Did you know that she was so well known and powerful that people asked her to find them jobs with the government?)

Martha Washington (Did you know she was afraid of the sounds of guns, but still bravely lived at military camps for 8 winters?)

Abigail Adams (Did you know that she sent her husband advice about government and current updates about politics?)

I also learned about:

Esther Reed (Did you know that shortly after giving birth to her 6th child she organized a fundraiser to raise money for the troops?)

Mercy Otis Warren (Did you know that her letters to congress helped convince them to send army troops to Massachusetts?)

These are only a handful of the ladies covered in this book.  This book should inspire you to raise strong women. These women were strong, brave, and yet feminine. That is a picture of godly womanhood! I also noticed how these women embraced the role of a helpmeet as a spouse. They were constantly helping their husbands whether it was on the battle field or holding down the home front. They supported their husbands, and I’ll be that meant a lot to their men!

Margaret Corbin took over her husband’s gun after he died and was wounded so bad that she never worked again. She is buried at the military academy at West Point.

Mary Murray gave the British so much to drink that the Americans were able to escape without the British knowing about it.

Lydia Darragh spied on the British that used her house as a headquarters. She would write messages on paper then sew them under the buttons of her son’s coat when he went to visit his brother in the army.

George Washington wrote “You ladies are in the number of the best Patriots America can boast.”

If you have a little history lover in your home (or you want a quick 5-min history lesson yourself), I highly recommend this book. Inspire her (and yourself!) to become a strong but feminine woman! (Plus it has cute pictures!)

Book Review: Be the Mom

I just finished this book a week or so ago. I sure hope I don’t get into any kind of trouble for advertising this book. 🙂 I promise I’m not plagiarizing! It’s just so good I needed to share! 🙂

 I highly recommend it to all my mommy friends that like to read.

The author, Tracey Lanter Eyster, starts off the preface with this,

“Be the Mom is a book for all moms, thought it didn’t start out that way. I began writing about my life experiences and the traps I found myself falling into so that one day I could pass them on to my young daughter when she enters motherhood. I wanted her to know that being a mom is hard but well worth it.”

She then continued the book with each chapter focusing on a ‘mom-trap’. She goes through all of them:

Just-a-Mom Trap: Is this it…..really?

Me Mom Trap: It’s my way or else, people!

Martyr Mom Trap: Another cold meal for me

Busy Mom Trap: Supermom to the rescue!

Mirror Mom Trap: Who’s the fairest?

Tomorrow Mom Trap: Tomorrow is another day.

They Say Mom Trap: You know what they say!

At the end of each chapter she has a little quiz to give yourself to see how you are doing and if you are stuck in a trap. She also gives you ideas and suggestions to bring you out of your funk. I’m doing pretty well right now, but I could have really used this book a year ago.

At the end of the book she writes,

“A mom goes life through the birth of her child and molds that life through the love and attention she provides her child. What a privilege it is to hear, “I love you, Mom!” spoken from little cherub lips that never tire of that phrase over and over. What a joy “Love ya!” is when it is heard in the deep, gravelly voice of a teenage boy.

The truth you must cling to is this: Whether or not you are currently feeling valued as a mom doesn’t detract from the fact  you are! Your Father in heaven sees you, appreciates you, and celebrates you for who you are!”

The last two sentences are,

“Each day you spend raising your precious children is an opportunity to lean into God’s love for you and share His love with your children. It really is the best job in the world.”

It’s a book about enjoying being a mom, about slowing down and being the mom your kids need. It’s funny, it’s encouraging, and it’s in your face about how to change into a better mom for your kids.

Book Review: The Breastfeeding Culture!

Check it out! Look at what came in the mail today!


Need a closer look?


Any breastfeeding book is exciting I suppose. But this one is extra special to me. Because….


My very own breastfeeding story is on page 80!


A year ago I wrote this post about how my story was going to be published in a book! And now I have that book. I am one of only two stories given in the chapter on food sensitivities. At the beginning of the book she says:

When I put out the call for stories of online breastfeeding support to be submitted for this book, I received hundreds of responses from mothers willing to share their experiences.” 

I had no idea that so many people offered their stories, and I am so honored that she chose my story to be in her book.

This isn’t a very good book review since I haven’t actually read the whole book yet. But I was too excited to let you all know that I got the book! 🙂  So far from what I’ve read it’s a great book.  In each chapter it has several personal stories from moms on each of these topics:

Booby Traps

Pumping and Working

Breastfeeding After Losing a Child

Breastfeeding Preemies in the NICU

Food Sensitivities

Exclusive Pumpers

Milk Donors

Too Little, Too Much: IGT and BFAR

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

Breastfeeding with Depression and Mood Disorders

The Unexpected While Pregnant

At the end of the book she has several pages of resources to help you with any breastfeeding troubles. It looks like a great book, but of course I’d say that because my story is in it. 😉

I’ve saved a hand written note from the author for over a year so I could tape it into my book.  And today I did just that!


You can buy your very own copy here from Amazon!

Pregancy Book Review (3 books and counting)

I have read a different pregnancy book with each one of my children.  I like to read about what’s happening to my body, and how the baby is growing. I get them all over the place: second hand stores, garage sales, and paperbackswap.com.

With James I read the popular and standard “What to Expect When you Are Expecting”.


This book is pretty cut and dry about pregnancy. It has good info, and isn’t hard to read.  It has a once a month reading lay out.  There’s a reason it’s been a favorite for years and years.


With Gideon I read Dr. Sears, “The Pregnancy Book”.


I really liked this book, it’s the best one I’ve read so far. This is a read month by month book. It has ok info, but a lot of the info is how you are feeling emotionally (pregnancy is very emotional, so I liked that part of the book a lot!). He calls the baby a baby right from the start (many other pregnancy books call the baby a fetus at the beginning) and has quite a bit on family and getting dads involved.  You can tell he and his wife have had a lot of children.  The only problem with this book is that it’s terribly outdated (written in the 90’s), some of the info isn’t relevant anymore and they need to write an updated version!


With Faith I read (or tried to read) “Your Pregnancy Week by Week”.


I’m sure you can tell by the name of the book that this is one you read weekly.  I hated this book.  I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s dreadful. So bad that I never actually finished it, I only made it about half way through the book.  I’m not terribly excited about the week by week reading, it’s kinda hard to keep track of.  If it’s your first baby you probably keep track of your weeks better than you do on your third, so it might be better that way.  BUT, if you are a person that worries a lot then don’t read this book.  The book is full, I mean FULL, of obscure pregnancy infections and diseases that just MIGHT go wrong.  We are talking really low chances of getting any of these but she writes about every single one of them. If you worry then this book will just make you worry even more. She also writes about tons of different tests that you can do while pregnant. Pretty boring stuff in my opinion, your doctor or midwife can cover all this, I don’t want to read about it in a book too. I’m also pretty sure the author talks about aborting your baby about a third of the way through the book:

“If a pregnancy will be terminated, it can be done earlier and may carry fewer risks to the woman.” (top of the page on page 169)

Are you even kidding me? Who puts that in a pregnancy book?  I did stick with the book for a few more chapters and then gave up all together.  I did like how she put exercises at the end of each chapter (even though I didn’t do any of them, ha ha). It was something different that the other books I read didn’t put in.


None of the books I’ve read so far have been home birth friendly.  I’d just love to write my own book, geared for home birth mommies and daddies.  I’m just too busy with my kidos and behind on sleep to ever get it done.  Hopefully someone else will write one and get rich off it (since home birth is on the rise in America this is the perfect time to write one!)

I also would like to see some books coming out geared for not first time pregnancies.  Each pregnancy is different, and gets different as you have older kids to take care of.  I’d like to see books called, “Your 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Pregnancy”.  One book I read recommended that when you give your kids a bath to stick your feet in the hot water for a bit.  I probably wouldn’t have thought of doing that had I not read it, but it sure did feel good on my feet when they hurt.  That kind of info would be great in not first time mom pregnancy books.

I’ll keep reading and update this blog post with each book I read.  I already found a new one I haven’t read yet for the next pregnancy around. 😉 Gotta get them cheap when you see them! ha ha