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Faith’s 2nd Birthday

I can’t believe this little girl is two. She is full of fun and life! Our little family would not be complete without this little princess in our lives!


Faith really likes kitties right now. So she got a cute kitty cake.


For being two she really caught on to opening presents fast. Much faster than our boys did at two. She did have a big brother pushing her on though. Maybe that makes a difference.

For .60 I got this little bucket of necklaces and bracelets for her. She loved them!

When we lived in Hawaii Titus got a whole bunch of sunglasses free from somewhere on base. I put these cute pink ones in my gift box. I never thought 6 years later I would still have them and be giving them to our daughter!


And of course, eating cake! Faith also blew out her candles by herself, something I don’t think our boys could do at their 2nd bdays either.

Happy Birthday Faith!  We love you so much!

Vacation in MN part 3: Gideon’s Birthday Party

Gideon turned 3 while we were in MN. The day before we had to head back to Colorado we had a big birthday party for him. It was so fun to have cousins and Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, and friends there! We have really missed that since moving to CO.

On Gideon’s actual birthday we let him open one present. A new red strider bike!


His party was several days later. The birthday boy and his presents. Could he be any cuter?

IMG_4099 IMG_4098

Gideon had a big audience while opening presents!


The boys love the book 1001 bugs to spot. Titus is sick and tired of reading it to them. So we got 1001 things to spot on the farm for Gideon for his birthday.


And he got a new whale!


He also got a big bucket of ocean animals, and that was a huge hit with the other kids.


Blowing out his candles! I can’t believe he is three! Happy birthday Gideon!



Titus’ b-day

Titus turned 29 (!!!) in February. We had a fun little celebration. He asked for an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.


We love cake over here! ha ha

IMG_3906 IMG_3907

After cake and presents and naps we decided to go bowling. That was so fun! James and Gideon had gone one time before but this was the first time as a family that we went.

Watching the ball:


James’ bowling


The birthday man and his boys:


Faith and Mommy


Faith was the hardest to bowl with. She learned really quick that she wasn’t supposed to run down the bowling lane, so she set out to do just that! Naughty girl!


Faith turns 1!

I really can’t believe I am writing about Faith’s first birthday. Where did this year go? She weighs about 23 pounds (we just figured out that our scale is broken, so we really don’t know what she weighs), loves pizza, pasta, and popcorn. She only has 6 teeth (!!!!!!) but is getting her molars right now. She does not sleep through the night. Happy Birthday Faith!!


She is such a big girl now. We keep calling her a baby, but considering she can walk and climbs on everything she really is a toddler now.


Faith has had a really happy year, vastly different from her brother’s first years. I didn’t know having a baby could be so enjoyable. Faith has been and continues to be so much fun. However for some reason she was really really grumpy for her party. I still am not sure what was so wrong. (at least James was in a good mood. He is always in a good mood when presents are involved)


She gave us all a smile when she rode on her rocking-snail.


And she momentarily stopped crying when she looked at her new books from Grandma Reynolds.

IMG_3697 IMG_3698

James and Gideon really liked their Christmas trees. Thanks Grandma!


She got the cutest little boots from Aunt Holly! I can’t wait for them to fit her!


Since it was only us I went really easy on Faith’s cake:


Daddy helped her blow out the candle. In the end though, I think James was the one that really did it. She was so grumpy she didn’t even eat any cake, but did try some ice cream. 🙂


Happy Birthday Faith!

Lincoln’s 10th birthday

One of the sad things I brought up to Titus when talking about moving was birthdays. Our kids would miss out on family birthdays and family would miss out on our children’s birthdays.  We have so much family that lives so close together in MN that I used to have to make two cakes in order to have enough for everyone.  Unbelievably, we haven’t missed out as much as I thought we would. Emma was here for James birthday, which made it very special. Emma was also here for her birthday, which we tried to make special for her.  Then Levi was visiting here for his 12th birthday (sorry no pictures, I was sick) and Titus’ parents were here for Gideon’s 2nd birthday . And Lincoln was here for his 10th b-day! (And no, you don’t have to read all those links. I recently figured out how to do them and I’m practicing. 😉 )

Lincoln decided that he wanted to go to Focus on the Family’s Whit’s End for his birthday. If you haven’t been there put it on your to visit list! It’s a great center for kids! The biggest reason Lincoln wanted to go was because he wanted to record an Adventures in Odyssey at the Kid’s Radio Studio.  This is free to do and you get to take home a CD of your recording.


Levi and I did the speaking parts and Lincoln did all the sound effects (walking, door closing, pencil sharpening etc.).


James was very sad he wasn’t included. He sat at the door until we were done.


Playing with puppets. They have a whole puppet stage set up for kids to put on shows.


All the boys eating pizza at Whit’s Soda Shop. (Notice James doing the thumbs up too. He does everything his uncles do!)


Levi took this. Great picture of Faith, not so great of me.


Climbing through the secret passage with daddy.


Because we live so close we were only gone for the morning. After naps we opened presents and had cake.





In case you haven’t been reading shirt through all the pictures all four boys have shirts on that say awesome on it. 🙂


Happy Birthday Lincoln!


Gideon’s 2nd birthday….and miracles still happen!

Our sweet Gideon turned 2 last Friday! It is amazing and fun to watch these little boys of mine grow up. Our first year with Gideon was, well hard! Little to no sleep = grumpy mama! But we got through it and this second year of his life has been much better!

We were very happy and excited that Grandpa and Grandma Penner were here over Gideon’s b-day. Gideon shares a b-day with his Grandpa Jonathon and it was very special that he was here.  The day started off with lunch at the Olive Garden. I got a yummy seafood pasta that was extremely hot! Wow! It never bothered Faith though, which is amazing!


And can I just say thank you to my wonderful sister-in-law for making this for my boys! It has helped so much in situations were we needed to wait.


We opened presents at home after naps.

IMG_2579 IMG_2580

James had a hard time remembering that it was Gideon’s b-day and not his. 🙂


What makes more sense than to put cows in the fire truck?




They each got one of these.  It wouldn’t have been very fun to just have one in the house. They have played with these so much in the stores before we bought them. They like to load them up with play animals and push them around!

IMG_2583 IMG_2584

The birthday boys:


Gideon blowing:


We had two very exciting things happen in about 18 hours of each other, over Gideon’s b-day. First the night before his birthday I read to the boys  and Titus took them to their room and left them there. By. themselves! Most of you know that we have had some bad sleep problems in these few short years as parents. This is due mostly to the fact that our boys can not put themselves to sleep on their own. The biggest reason this happened was because our boys were both pretty grumpy babies and I felt as a mom that I had to do whatever I could to help them not cry so much. I also have a pretty soft heart and couldn’t stand letting them cry in their cribs. In the last month we have taught James to go to sleep on his own in his own bed.  It has been great! But Gideon still needed one of us to lie down with him, and it takes him at least an hour to go to sleep. It was getting so bad that neither Titus nor I wanted to put him to bed.  Well on the eve of his b-day Titus put both boys in their room, closed the door and we never saw them until morning (or possibly once during the night, I can’t remember)! When we went in there both little boys were sleeping in their own beds. This, my friends, is nothing short of a miracle!!  We have continued to put them to bed together. Some nights it works, some nights it doesn’t.  They play back there for at least an hour, sometimes two. I don’t understand how they can play for only 5 or 10 minutes before they fight during the day, but for an hour at night with no fighting! Last night I think James went to sleep but Gideon played by himself for a while. We put them to bed at 8:15 and at 10 we could still hear Gideon.  But when we went in there to check on them before going to sleep ourselves this is what we found:


I’m pretty sure Gideon crawled up next to James in James’ bed and went to sleep next to him.  (and as a side note, yes they had pants on when they went to bed. I don’t know what they did with them!) All I can say is, “THANK YOU GOD!!” And I don’t know how parents of only children do it!! Having a sibling helps tremendously!

The second amazing thing that happened was that we had two people tell us how good our kids where while eating at the Olive Garden. This also has never happened to us, and we very rarely eat at sit down restaurants because our boys just are too active for them. Amazing!

In light of all this, I felt strangely sad. As happy as I am that they boys seem to be making a turn for the better with sleep, I felt sad at the same time. I told Titus, “They don’t need me anymore!” Watching your children grow up is all about being a parent and one that I try to embrace. And, we need more children, 3 isn’t enough yet!! 😀 😀

James turns 3!

I haven’t blogged in a while, mostly due to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be much to say.  This past summer I blogged a lot, but now that we’ve moved there isn’t much going on.  I also seem to forget my camera a lot when we do go somewhere fun which is sad. 

But this week we had James’ b-day party! Yes it was a week late this year, mostly because one present I was getting off craiglist took awhile.  Despite this being the smallest party we have had, and the most low-key (no balloons, or streamers) James had a great time.  We are so glad that Aunt Emma was here to celebrate with us! 

Emma made and decorated the cake for me.  it was an apple cake with vanilla frosting and peanut butter M&M’s.


We had cake and ice cream first this year, instead of after opening presents.  The kids were hungry so why make them wait?

James blowing out candles:


Eating the cake:

IMG_1242  IMG_1244IMG_1243

Then we opened presents.  Titus made the comment that apparently you have to be three to really understand present opening. 🙂


IMG_1263  IMG_1285


Thank you Grandma Sharon, Aunt Alaina and Uncle Lincoln for the box of stuff


We got him a bunch of food and a little kitchen for his b-day.  James’ asks all the time to ‘go to church’, which sounds really spiritual but it’s because there is a play kitchen in the children’s room and he wants to play with it.  I don’t think my living room will ever be clean again! But if they have fun then it’s worth it.

IMG_1335 IMG_1344

IMG_1341 IMG_1331

Happy Birthday James! We love you lots!


Gideon’s Birthday

My little Gideon turned one this month!  We had a really fun birthday for him because not only does he share it with Grandpa Penner, but Grandpa was turning 60!  Two big birthdays on the same day need to be celebrated!

The banner for the birthday boys:



Opening presents (he had a lot of help!)

040 051

He likes the hat that Aunt Tessa made!


I decorated the table in half, one half for Grandpa and the other side for Gideon:


The 1 year old birthday boy:


and the 60 year old birthday boy:



Blowing out candles:

070 072

Playing with presents:


Happy Birthday Gideon, and Grandpa Jonathan!