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Sunday afternoon bike ride.

I am ashamed to say we really haven’t been biking since moving. We have done a little bit around the house but that’s it! The children have been playing so well in our new house that we don’t seem to be spending much time outside. This last week was really really cold too. But this week we are supposed to be back up to the mid 70’s every day. So we went for a nice bike ride today after naps!

It was so windy when we started out James kept pushing his bike instead of riding. It is almost always windy here (thanks to the chinook winds from California), but we only had a few blocks to go before turning and then the wind wasn’t so bad.


James leading the way!


Once we get on the bike path this is our view to the left and right of the path. Beautiful!



The little ones enjoying their ride.


No make up! Don’t care! (actually I did have make up on at one point today…)


We didn’t see anyone else on the path today. Such a change from our bike rides in Denver. It was kind of stressful riding with James on our paths in Denver since there were quite a few people and many of the bikers were exercising and going fast. I was constantly telling James to get over and to stay on his side. This path is much much more relaxing (as long as I watch out and don’t get hit by James!!).


The bike path goes to what James calls Our Little Beach. It is really a sad substitute for a beach, but the kids love it.


I asked James where he was going and he said, “To that big rock in the middle that Levi and Lincoln went to.”.


So I helped him. He was very happy!


I don’t know what the appeal is to sticking one’s feet in very cold water, but it must be done. every. single. time.






Faith telling me the water is cold.



I love the colors of fall! And I love this girl’s smile!


Faith trying to do everything her big brothers do.



 On the way home we had to stop and admire James’ skid mark he made on the way to Our Little Beach. James is really into making skid marks, which means he goes really fast and then hits his breaks (and then I almost hit him!). It kinda scares me and if he does it on gravel some time I think he is really going to wipe out. But so far he is just leaving cool marks behind.

IMG_4412 IMG_4413

Bikes, ducks, and kids!

We have had wonderful weather the last few weeks. We have been hitting 60’s and even 70’s! The weather man was using words like, “Soaring highs this week”!


I just love it! I love that we can get a bit of a break from winter and get outside. We have gone to a lot of parks and played in the back yard. It was James’ idea to go feed the ducks. I needed some exercise so I rode my bike (with all three kids). This is a serious work out…..not for the faint of heart!


Gideon feeding the ducks popcorn:


In the winter they come right up to us because they are so hungry. In the summer they stay mostly in the water.


Faith didn’t understand that she was supposed to feed the popcorn to the ducks. 🙂 Popcorn is one of her favorite foods!




Faith 13 1/2 months


James and Gideon climbing on the rocks:


Faith loved the bike ride! And I am horribly out of shape!


Today at the park…..

It’s been on the cold side (all you MN people be quiet!!) for the last few weeks and we haven’t been to the park in a while.  My boys I think have cabin fever or something, from not going anywhere.  So today when it reached 60 I packed everyone up in strollers and a bike and took them to the park.  By the time we got there the wind had kind of picked up and Gideon was mad because James brought a bulldozer and he didn’t have one.  The snow has been melting all day so there were large puddles all over the place, which of course my boys had to play in.  Do you know what happens when little boys play in puddles in Feb???? THEY GET COLD!!! James decided he didn’t want to ride his bike home and of course he would do that to me on the day I took the stroller and not the wagon! This was the very first time I had taken the double stroller with Faith’s car seat.  As you can see below the stroller wasn’t made for two toddlers, a bike, a car seat, and a baby.  Something (or one) had to be bumped off.  I am soooo happy I threw the Moby in the stroller last minute!!


I totally wore the wrong skirt to the park.  I love love love the long maxi skirts, but when there is slush on the ground it gets so dirty.  I really hope I can get it clean.


Both boys were crying because they were cold. At least Faith was nice and warm in the Moby. She was asleep too!


 It’s almost all up hill on the way home, and before you think I’m amazing, I only made it about a block before Titus came to get us. 🙂


You might think the park trip wasn’t worth it, and I might have agreed with you except for the mom I met there today.  I never caught her name, but I do know that she:

a. Had three kids in three years

b. Grew up on a farm in Montana (her parents are visiting right now and as soon as I saw her dad I knew they were farmers. 😉 ) I think she was home schooled too.

c. Moved here with her husband to go to Denver Seminary

d. Her husband is going to school on the GI Bill (no joke!!)

e. When I said that because of the GI money and some VA disability money and really cheep rent Titus doesn’t have to work and is home a lot she just nodded her head and said, “My husband too.” (No this isn’t a dream!)

f. She literally lives just a few blocks from us.

She got my number and I really really hope she calls me and we can have them over. She said that they live in an apartment and don’t have a yard or anything. I told her to come over any time because we have a great backyard that is fenced in and lots of riding toys for the kids!! God works in such wonderful ways! 😀

When I thanked Titus profusely for coming to get us he said, “You were only 2 blocks from home!” I just might have slapped that boy if Valentine’s Day wasn’t tomorrow! 😀


Fabulous finds!

Yesterday we went and found a few places that were on a mental list I have.  We passed a yard sale at one point and on the way back I had Titus stop since there seemed to be a lot of kid stuff.  I am so glad we took the time to stop!  Titus got this bike for James for only $5!  I’ve been looking for a bike for him all summer and have turned a few down because of price!

IMG_1153   IMG_1154

I can’t even tell you how excited he was!   He forced us on several walks that evening so he could

keep riding.  My boy is growing up!

IMG_1152 IMG_1151 IMG_1150

I do think it’s going to end up being more of a pain than anything else because I don’t think he is going to want to ride in the bike trailer or bike seat anymore.  Which is going to greatly reduce my biking time since he will need to be pushed and guided every where. And yes I am still biking quite a bit even though I am 25 weeks prego this week.  It seems to help my back a lot and it gets us places faster than walking.  I do how ever have to get off slowly because it gets to my uterus sometimes when I stop and get off. 😉

Titus also got this red wagon at the same sale.  It was also only $5.  Gideon seems to like it a lot!


When we got home I got on craiglist to look for a bike for Emma.  Just in case anyone was wondering this area seems to be pretty into biking and there aren’t any el cheepos out there. 😉 So I moseyed over to the free stuff and there was a free sand box and sand table just up the street from us!  Boy was I excited! So I hurried Titus back to the truck to go get those!  Apparently just down the street means different things to Titus and I since he thought it was further then I let on (which it really wasn’t!).  The sand box was gone when we got there but the sand/water table was still there. So I picked that up for free!


It needed a good cleaning but it works fine.  Even the umbrella still works!  You are supposed to put sand on the left side and water on the right side but I’m not sure I’m going to do that since I think my boys will mix the two horribly and make an awful mess.  Right now it has water in it but I think I’ll get sand for both sides.

Three great toys for a combined cost of $10!  I love a good deal!!

Biking with Mommy

Today we did lots of fun stuff.  Daddy is baling hay today and need something to drink.  But we couldn’t drive the van because of the construction so Mommy decided to take the bike.  It’s only one or two miles out and we didn’t care. We’d rather go in the bike trailer then the van any day.  Mommy was a little bit sad she couldn’t ride her bike, but it has a missing bolt and she can’t ride it right now.  It’s a good thing anyway since Daddy’s bike has more gears that Mommy needed.  Mommy did really well on the way there. 

When we got there Daddy gave us rides on the tractor while Mommy rested.  Mommy was really sad that she didn’t have her camera with her to take pictures of us. Silly Mommy! When is she going to learn that she has to have her camera with her at all times?  You never know when we will do something cute!

Then we started home.  The wind was against us on the way home, but we didn’t mind since it kept us cool.  Mommy seemed to pedal slower though.  Mommy started breathing heavier about half way home and started saying things like:

“I am so out of shape!”

“Almost to the top. Almost to the top!”

“Feel the burn!”

“Almost home!!”

“I’m going to have to eat a big steak to get energy back after this!”

We weren’t sure why she kept yelling it.  But we liked the “Feel the burn!” one and said it after her!  Mommy admits defeat  on one hill.  She just couldn’t get up it without pushing the bike.  We were nice about it, even if we did go slow.

Gideon fell asleep on the way home. Mommy wasn’t too excited about that because he won’t go to sleep early now.

When we got home Mommy said:

“Well, not bad for being 4 months pregnant.”

We aren’t sure what she meant by that either…..


Due December 10th

Due December 10th