Aunt Alaina comes to visit!

Just when we thought we wouldn’t have company for awhile Aunt Alaina suddenly had a bunch of time off and got to come for a visit. She also brought Levi with her. To make her visit even more special there was a home coming parade right after they got here.

The kids where so excited. They haven’t been to a parade since we lived in MN, about two years ago.


They got even more excited when they figured out it was candy being thrown at them!! 😉 They really had no idea!


Showing off their candy:

We also had a picnic by the river while they were here.


Aunt Alaina and Faith


James is really happy here because he got to go to the big rock in the middle of the river.


Just an old married couple. 😉


Gideon decided he wasn’t really into playing, so he had a lengthy conversation with Levi on the bench about bears and other animals.


Can you see Faith’s stick too? She has to do everything her brothers do!


Titus took Alaina and Levi on a big hike too (in the rain) but I guess I don’t have any pictures of that. We had a great visit and where sad to see them go.


Sunday afternoon bike ride.

I am ashamed to say we really haven’t been biking since moving. We have done a little bit around the house but that’s it! The children have been playing so well in our new house that we don’t seem to be spending much time outside. This last week was really really cold too. But this week we are supposed to be back up to the mid 70’s every day. So we went for a nice bike ride today after naps!

It was so windy when we started out James kept pushing his bike instead of riding. It is almost always windy here (thanks to the chinook winds from California), but we only had a few blocks to go before turning and then the wind wasn’t so bad.


James leading the way!


Once we get on the bike path this is our view to the left and right of the path. Beautiful!



The little ones enjoying their ride.


No make up! Don’t care! (actually I did have make up on at one point today…)


We didn’t see anyone else on the path today. Such a change from our bike rides in Denver. It was kind of stressful riding with James on our paths in Denver since there were quite a few people and many of the bikers were exercising and going fast. I was constantly telling James to get over and to stay on his side. This path is much much more relaxing (as long as I watch out and don’t get hit by James!!).


The bike path goes to what James calls Our Little Beach. It is really a sad substitute for a beach, but the kids love it.


I asked James where he was going and he said, “To that big rock in the middle that Levi and Lincoln went to.”.


So I helped him. He was very happy!


I don’t know what the appeal is to sticking one’s feet in very cold water, but it must be done. every. single. time.






Faith telling me the water is cold.



I love the colors of fall! And I love this girl’s smile!


Faith trying to do everything her big brothers do.



 On the way home we had to stop and admire James’ skid mark he made on the way to Our Little Beach. James is really into making skid marks, which means he goes really fast and then hits his breaks (and then I almost hit him!). It kinda scares me and if he does it on gravel some time I think he is really going to wipe out. But so far he is just leaving cool marks behind.

IMG_4412 IMG_4413

New Park

While we keep moving every few years we at least get to keep trying out new parks. We have already been to the city park, which isn’t all that great other then the swings. This Saturday we tried out the school park. I was having an awful few days and figured we all needed to get out of the house. So I packed snacks and headed to the park with the kids.



This park is full of monkey bars. I realize it was made for school kids for recess but my goodness! It isn’t very kid friendly.


James is almost 5, Gideon is 3 1/2 and Faith is 1 1/2


Even though most of the park is monkey bars they love this little bridge. We play “The three billy goats gruff”. Guess who gets to be the ugly troll? 😉




This park also has three slides all in a row. This is also a lot of fun. Because we were the only people at the park I let them take off their shoes and climb up them.


Going to the park really helped our moods. However we had some major falls that were really scary. I am so glad the kids are alright. Here is my facebook post when we got home.

“Today I decided to blow off everything I needed to do this morning and take the children to the park. They had not been out of the house since Monday and I had only left once all week for a brief appointment. We had fun except Faith had a major fall, from pretty high up, and landed straddling the handrail which flipped her over and landed on her face. I honestly don’t know why we didn’t have to run to the ER and have her put in a body cast. Other then some bruises and scrapes she seems fine (I have been closely watching her walk all day). She cried not even 5 min. Less then 10 minutes after Faith fell James had a pretty bad fall out of a swing. His mommy might have pushed him too hard. He seriously flew through the air head first and landed on his face. Amazingly the skin was not broken. He also cried less then five minutes. Gideon was the only one that didn’t get hurt at the park, however this evening James knocked Gideon over and I think he bit through his top lip. Blood on both top and bottom of his top lip. the cut its self seems to be pretty small, so I think he will be fine. I am over this day and injuries! I can not believe how fast kids recover from falls! If any one of the top things happens to me I would be at the doctor or at the very least the chiro whining about all my pain. Giving thanks today that every one seems to be alright.”


Sadly by 11 it was so hot we had to leave to get out of the sun. There is no shade at this park. But the kids and I had fun, and when we got home Daddy had cleaned the whole house for me! 😀

James turns 5

I can not believe this boy is 5. It is so true that time goes faster as you get older. We had so much fun with his Spider Man themed birthday. And to make it very special, Levi, Lincoln, Juli, and Grandpa where all here for his birthday!


James loves to open presents.


James is five now. As a five year old he can ride a bike, has lived in four different states, in 6 different houses, is a great big brother and is a funny all around great little boy!


Juli was nice and bought presents for the none birthday kids. Faith loves her tea set!


James’ cake.

I wish we had gotten a picture of all of us together, but here is one of our family.


Our First Wyoming Visiters!

As we have tried to settle in after moving we got a nice surprise when my (Chantal) best friend from college decided to come for a visit! And she brought Levi, Lincoln and my dad! We had a great week with them! We did quite a bit of truck hiking and regular hiking.

Here is a cute picture Juli took of me and the kids.


Juli and Lincoln


James being silly.

The beautiful painted rocks right outside town.


James really loves to hike. I hope to do quite a bit of it next summer!



We were so excited to see this deer leg hanging in the tree!! We thought some kind of animal was storing it there for later. But my dad figured out that it was actually a trap that a hunter/trapper set. We were terribly disappointed.


Hiking with Lincoln, Gideon and Chantal


The whole group minus Juli!


A Pet For A Day!

Yesterday (Friday) while I was cleaning outside I discover two baby bunnies. The boys insisted on holding them, and they were surprisingly easy to catch.


James fell in love right away. He kept telling me how much the bunny loved him. All of the children were terribly excitedtmp_15851-IMG_20150827_102530272705975

We put the one we caught a box while we decided what to do with it.


The children worked on me all day trying to keep it. The Mommy bunny was hanging around and there was no reason not to give the poor baby back.tmp_15851-IMG_20150827_101723-537614492

Plus from what I read on Google bunnies have a 90% death rate when captured. And they need a calm and quiet place to live if they have a chance at survival. Our house is anything but calm and quiet.


I was getting pretty worn down, and getting nothing done around the house, half way thinking of letting the kids keep the bunny. Then the kids found the second one, which we also caught. Finally I told the boys we had to give them  back at the end of the day. One bunny was kinda grumpy and James said the mommy could keep that one and we would keep the happy (most likely in shock) one. But at the end of the day these boys made the right decision and gave the bunnies back.


And then all the children watched from the window to see if the mommy bunny would go back to the babies.


She did finally but it was a rather hard decision on the kids, especially James. I think he secretly hoped the mommy wouldn’t go back. So we had a big game night to make up for it.


I have been bombarded with requests to go to a pet store and buy a bunny, or a dog or any pet for that matter. I am not sure now much longer we can hold the children back. 😉

Family biking

On Friday evening we went for a great family bike ride.


James decided he didn’t want to ride his bike so we rode much farther then last time. This is a round about just for bikes. Isn’t it cute?


We crossed pretty bridges:


And went under cool stone tunnels.


A highlight of the ride (for the boys) was getting to see this big snake.


After maybe 45 min the kids were getting restless, and by total accident we found this park. The kids got to play and the parents got to rest. Perfect!


His and hers (and theirs).


Biking with this man is so much fun!


After a while we packed the kids up and headed back. Always, always take snacks!



It didn’t take as long to get back to the truck as it did to get to the park. Which really doesn’t make sense because I kept stopping to take pictures. There is beauty in the city, sometimes you just have to look harder for it. The bike path followed this river almost the whole way. It is a beautiful ride.


In a few weeks we are going to Yellowstone and I can’t wait to do some great biking there!!