About Chantal


I am Chantal (rhythms with mantel).  I am the wife of Titus, currently a college student. He is ex-military (once a Marine always a Marine! Oorah*!!) I am a mother of three little ones, James (3) Gideon (2) and baby Faith. This blog is mostly about our every day lives, and lots of pictures to go with it! I call it my online scrapebooking (since I hate the real scrapebooking!). It’s also a way for me to get out in the world, voice what’s on my mind, and the write about the (very few) cool things I do. We are small town people trying to learn the ways of the big city as we figure out what our next step in life will be.  More than anything we want our lives to glorify God in all that we do!


*Oorah is a  battle cry common in theUnited States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. It is comparable to hooah in the US Army and hoovah in the US Navy and US Coast Guard. It is most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm.

One response to “About Chantal

  1. Can I just tell you how much I love the fact that you have a whole paragraph about ‘oorah’? It makes me laugh every time I read it.

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