How (not) to get a tree in Wyoming

Let me start off this blog post by saying we are very new to this whole chop down your own tree thing. Until this year we have always gotten our trees from tree farms. In Hawaii we did pick out the tree but then the little attendant chopped it down for us. Plus it was like 80….we won’t talk about that.

Here in Dubois all you have to do is get an $8 permit, drive to the National Forest (just a few miles out of town) and pick which tree you want. Easy (and cheap!!!) I was terribly excited about this. This is the real way to get a tree people! The snow, the trees, the ax! Not to mention it is in every book that people just chop down their own trees. I have been reading Christmas books to the boys for weeks now and they are filled with pictures like these:


We didn’t have to drive far and it was beautiful!


Titus scouting trees, it even started snowing! How perfect!!


Once Titus found a place with several trees we bundled up the kids to walk out and look at them. I figured Gideon would start crying pretty fast since he is really sensitive to the cold right now. But to my surprise not only was it Gideon but James too. We hardly got a few steps out of the truck before they were both crying. We followed Titus but we were walking in knee deep (on me) snow, under which were thick bushes and sticks.


At one point I was carrying Gideon (he is three and I am 37 weeks prego) and half dragging James by the hand, up hill (oh this was after all three of us fell in the snow too). Both were crying, they had snow in their boots and down their legs so finally I gave up. I really wanted a picture of all of us together getting the tree, but it just wasn’t worth it. So I took them back to the truck. No tree hunting for them!

Faith on the other hand was just fine. She was carried by Daddy and didn’t have snow in her boots.


So when it is about 20 degrees, snowing, windy, and just down right cold you start thinking every tree looks pretty good. So we picked one pretty fast.


And a little one for the children’s bedroom:


The three of us that stuck it out tree hunting!


Titus dragging the trees back to the truck.


On the way home I gave the children candy canes, which was probably the best part of Christmas tree chopping for them.  Once the tree was in the house it looked terribly small, shabby, and thin. I married a slight tree snob (his words not mine), and I think I heard him whimper a bit after getting it into the tree stand. However it did perk up some after we added lights and ornaments.


So how not to get a tree in Wyoming? First don’t have high expectations of a 5 and 3 year old. Wear warm clothes! And for goodness sakes take a big sled to pull the kids on!!!! Also remember that wild trees aren’t shaped, fertilized, and colored by anyone like the trees grown on farms. 😉 Merry Christmas!

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