Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fall Leaves

We have just one tree the gave us beautiful fall leaves. I was surprised we had enough to make a leaf pile for the kids but we did and the kids had lots of fun!






James soccer class

James was just old enough to play soccer this year. He loved this class so much! He had practice twice a week, and not really any games. His coach was great! He looked forward to soccer practice all week!


Faith also liked to play with the balls that weren’t being used.


James coach came up with lots of good games to play to teach them soccer skills. His favorite game was some kind of tag where you had to hold the ball over your head if the ‘it’ person tagged you.

Gideon and Faith played on the bike ramps for the one hour practices. They also had fun! We can’t wait for soccer next year too!


Our little all star!


Most of the time when we got home Daddy was next door picking up kids to take home. So we would drive by and wave to him! We are so proud of him that he got his bus license and he is working hard for us!


Aunt Alaina comes to visit!

Just when we thought we wouldn’t have company for awhile Aunt Alaina suddenly had a bunch of time off and got to come for a visit. She also brought Levi with her. To make her visit even more special there was a home coming parade right after they got here.

The kids where so excited. They haven’t been to a parade since we lived in MN, about two years ago.


They got even more excited when they figured out it was candy being thrown at them!! 😉 They really had no idea!


Showing off their candy:

We also had a picnic by the river while they were here.


Aunt Alaina and Faith


James is really happy here because he got to go to the big rock in the middle of the river.


Just an old married couple. 😉


Gideon decided he wasn’t really into playing, so he had a lengthy conversation with Levi on the bench about bears and other animals.


Can you see Faith’s stick too? She has to do everything her brothers do!


Titus took Alaina and Levi on a big hike too (in the rain) but I guess I don’t have any pictures of that. We had a great visit and where sad to see them go.