Family biking

On Friday evening we went for a great family bike ride.


James decided he didn’t want to ride his bike so we rode much farther then last time. This is a round about just for bikes. Isn’t it cute?


We crossed pretty bridges:


And went under cool stone tunnels.


A highlight of the ride (for the boys) was getting to see this big snake.


After maybe 45 min the kids were getting restless, and by total accident we found this park. The kids got to play and the parents got to rest. Perfect!


His and hers (and theirs).


Biking with this man is so much fun!


After a while we packed the kids up and headed back. Always, always take snacks!



It didn’t take as long to get back to the truck as it did to get to the park. Which really doesn’t make sense because I kept stopping to take pictures. There is beauty in the city, sometimes you just have to look harder for it. The bike path followed this river almost the whole way. It is a beautiful ride.


In a few weeks we are going to Yellowstone and I can’t wait to do some great biking there!!


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