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Vacation in MN part 3: Gideon’s Birthday Party

Gideon turned 3 while we were in MN. The day before we had to head back to Colorado we had a big birthday party for him. It was so fun to have cousins and Grandpas, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, and friends there! We have really missed that since moving to CO.

On Gideon’s actual birthday we let him open one present. A new red strider bike!


His party was several days later. The birthday boy and his presents. Could he be any cuter?

IMG_4099 IMG_4098

Gideon had a big audience while opening presents!


The boys love the book 1001 bugs to spot. Titus is sick and tired of reading it to them. So we got 1001 things to spot on the farm for Gideon for his birthday.


And he got a new whale!


He also got a big bucket of ocean animals, and that was a huge hit with the other kids.


Blowing out his candles! I can’t believe he is three! Happy birthday Gideon!



Vacation in MN part 2

Even though our vacation in MN was for a sad reason, we did have a lot of fun with our friends and family. It was wonderful seeing all these great people again! The kids did not want to go home!

Faith loves kitties. And she loved all the kitties at Grandma’s house.


We got to visit our good friends the Axfords! 😀 The kids haven’t been to their house in over 2 years, but they all had lots of fun (and the mommies did too!!). Here are the Axford and Penner children:


And one of Faith and Ede! They are only about 5 months apart in age!


Daddy bought Faith a very cute outfit while in MN. It was so cold there she wore it almost every day!


We also had lots and lots of fun with cousins! Some of these cute kids are first cousins and some are second cousins!


Silly picture!


Faith really had a hard time in MN. Her stranger anxiety is still really high. She didn’t want anyone to hold her or really get close to her at all. She fell asleep and I passed her off to Aunt Tessa who got to hold her for about 5 minutes before she woke up.


Vacation in MN part 1 Maverick and Faith

While in Minnesota I got the chance to take these adorable pictures of Maverick and Faith. Maverick and Faith are first cousins and a few days short of exactly one year apart. And boy are they cute together!


It took me a little bit to get them to sit together. But they did!


IMG_4076 IMG_4077

And then Faith tried to take Maverick’s hat. He would have none of that!





Too bad they are first cousins because these would be so cute at a wedding! 😉