Easter in Minnesota

We ended up being in Minnesota over Easter because Titus’ grandma died and we were there for the funeral. First the boys colored eggs at Grandma Sharon’s house.

IMG_4015 IMG_4016

This was really fun for them because we didn’t do it last year (Juli winning Dutch Bliz in the back).

IMG_4018 IMG_4019

The eggs:


Faith eating her Easter candy:


Sadly we had to hunt for eggs in the house. But the kids didn’t care.




Faith had a pretty hard time in MN. She is so scared of people. And for some reason she really doesn’t like my brother Levi. She cried every time he walked in the room.


After my parent’s house we hopped over to Titus’ parents house and we did it all over again (minus the egg coloring). Looking for Easter baskets


Faith and a kitty:


Cousins! I tried to get Gideon and James in here but they were too busy eating candy.


Family picture. The children’s clothes were given to them by someone in the church. We don’t know who, but it was so so nice of them to do that!



Happy Easter!

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