How to put Jamberries on a baby.

Ok, technically Faith is a toddler, but she is my baby until the next one comes along. 🙂 Faith is almost 15 months, and was a very willing participant in this first try of applying Jamberries to her little nails. So here goes: my step by step instructions on applying Jamberries to little nails.

First you want to let their nails to grow. This will save you time later, trust me.


Then take clear tape and trace each little nail. This will be helpful when you are choosing which wrap to use. When you are done all you have to do is hold the clear tape up to the wrap and pick the closest one to each nail.


After you pick the wrap cut it off and hold it to a heat source (I used a space heater). I think it’s easier to use tweezers and not an orange stick.  These are very little wraps!


I cleaned her nail with alcohol just like I do with mine. After I put it on and pressed down on all sides I clipped it off. Remember I told you to do this with long nails? Just trim your baby’s nails after putting on the wrap. This way you do not have to file her nail.


After all of them were done I did use a hair dryer on each little nail and pressed down once more. Just trying to ensure a good bond.


Faith’s Jamberry mani!


IMG_3958 IMG_3960

As a side note, this works wonderfully if your baby/toddler is terribly sick and only wants you to hold her. And all you do is hold her while your house is torn apart by the perfectly fine older brothers. If nothing else it will give you something to do while sitting there trying desperately not to look at the house.


Except if those older brothers decide they want Jamberries too. Then it’s time to put all Jamberries away. James asking me to put a big one on his thumb nail (I didn’t).


I told Faith to say cheese. She tried, bless her heart! She sat perfectly still for all 10 fingers. And it really didn’t take long at all. AND NO DRY TIME! For little fingers of little people, Jamberries are awesome!


Mommy’s and Faith’s Jamberry nails!


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