Christmas Clothes!

I honestly was not planning on writing a whole blog post about my children’s Christmas clothes. I just wanted to take a picture of them to put on facebook so the grandmas back in MN could see them. But the pictures turned out so funny I had to write about them

We got back from church a few Sundays back and I told the kids we would take pictures of their clothes to show Grandma.


We started out sitting down and everyone had a book to look at. But you couldn’t really see their clothes very well.


So I told them to stand up. But Faith’s book was too big and she kept dropping it and not standing up.


So I gave Faith a different book to hold that wasn’t so heavy. But that made Gideon mad. Check out his face in the corner:


I told the kids to say cheese and look at the face Faith gave me!! And Gideon is still mad.


I went to Kmart and lusted after all the cute Christmas dresses. But I just couldn’t get myself to spend $20 on a dress just for Christmas. So I went to the ARC thrift store and found a Baby Gap red dress for Faith. It is just beautiful on her! It has cute ruffles down the front and netting underneath. It’s the prettiest dress she has ever had. I paid less than $5 for it.


James shirt and vest also came from the ARC.


Gideon’s overalls I made for my little brother when he was a toddler, who is turning 13 soon so they are about 10 years old. I would have been in high school when I made them. They are still in great shape.  They are on the fourth little boy wearing them, Levi, Lincoln, James and now Gideon. (and Gideon is still mad)


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