The Denver Aquarium….again

Are you tired of reading about the Denver Aquarium yet? I haven’t written about it for over year, but this is at least my third post about it. 🙂 While my brothers were here they desperately wanted to go to the aquarium.

Watching the otters play.(the girl in pink is not one of mine!)




More fish


Levi and James





After the sharks I made them all go watch the mermaid show. 🙂 This is them waiting for the show to start. I was told later that it was kinda cool to watch, but they would rather see the mermaids swim with the sharks (a.k.a swimming away from hungry sharks).


On our way out Lincoln noticed this shark was the same one that was on his mug that he bought at the gift shop. So we had to take a picture!


I believe all of my siblings have made it to the aquarium except for Luke. I guess Uncle Luke and Aunt Blessing will have to come visit soon. 😀

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