Penners and a Pumpkin Patch!

I have been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch since last fall. My news feed on facebook is full of my friends taking their little ones to pumpkin patches. It is the thing to do in the fall if you have little kids. At the end of Oct we finally went to one. I. was. so. excited! James was excited too. I quickly figured out that there is much more than just pumpkin picking  going on at a pumpkin patch.

First we went down the 80 foot slide. James showed no fear at all and promptly went down by himself.

IMG_3505 IMG_3501

There was a maze:


Go carts


We spent quite a bit of time playing laser tag:




James was a bit short:


Faith standing all by herself!


They had a big hay bale pyramid. The hay smelled so good, and I’m not even a farm girl!

Daddy and the boys:


Mommy and Faith. (check out that blue sky!)


Launching little pumpkins. James really enjoyed this. Gideon enjoyed collecting them after shooting them.


James the scarecrow!


Waiting for the hay rack ride:


Family picture. I highly recommend taking all pictures before you have been at the patch for 2+ hours in 80 degree weather. Your children will be hot and tired and will NOT want a lot of pictures taken. If we go again I would take all the pumpkin patch and family pictures first!




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