Daily Archives: July 16, 2014

James’ first trip to the ER

Life is full of surprises, whether good or bad. I am a pretty easy going person, and I probably let my kids do things that aren’t the safest thing to do. Typically if it won’t seriously hurt them I let them do it. So far that has worked pretty well. We haven’t had any broken bones or other serious injuries. But last week James fell and cut open his head.  My boys love to take baths, and our house is so small that they can take baths while I work around the house. I can see them from both the kitchen and my bedroom, the living room is only a few feet away. Of course I am concerned about drowning, but cutting open one’s head wasn’t really on the radar for taking baths. On this particular day I could hear them laughing and playing while I was folding laundry in the living room. I don’t remember hearing a thump or a splash or anything but all of a sudden James started to cry. Now kids cry a lot, and since I don’t tend to hover over my kids I don’t rush to them when they start to cry. I’ll admit I may have folded a few shirts before I headed to the bathroom. I rounded the corner and there was my sweet boy covered in blood. It was running down his face, in his eyes and dripping into the bath tub. The first thing I did was dunk a wash cloth in the bath water and slapped it on his head. All the extra water ran down his face and nicely cleaned all the blood off, but James kept taking it off his head resulting in more blood. After doing this a few times I finally clued in that he didn’t like all the water in his eyes and gave him a dry one. I got him out and sat him on the couch.


Titus wasn’t home and it took me 5 minutes to get a hold of him. That was the longest 5 minutes of my life! It was pretty late at this point so Titus had to take him to the ER for stitches. The poor boy got 3 stitches ‘inside’ and 10 ‘outside’ to close the cut. He was perfect in the ER, and didn’t move at all while they did the stitches. All the nurses and the doctor loved him. Titus said the cut was so deep he could see the bone.  It’s a blogging fail that I don’t have any pictures from the ER. But this is what he looked like the next morning:



While talking to Titus on the phone about James, Gideon got into the little pots of grass seed that we had just planted that day. sigh


Gideon was jealous of James and kept pointing to his head and saying owie. Well the next week he got his wish with a blow to the head. Luckily he didn’t need stitches, but it sure bled a lot!


The doctor didn’t believe Titus when he told them James cut his head on the edge of the bath tub. And I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible either. James wasn’t anywhere close to the facet and the edge of the tub is rounded, there are no shower doors or anything sharp.  All I can say is two head wounds in one week is enough for this mommy!