James and his bike!

James had a bike with training wheels last year. I have heard such good things about the new fad, balance bikes, so when I saw one at a sale for $10 we decided to give it a try.


A balance bike has no peddles and is very low to the ground. The point of the bike is to teach balance first, and peddling later. James’ fully relied on his training wheels before this bike. Now he pushes off with his feet and when he has enough speed picks up his feet and coasts. It took about a week for him to learn to do this.


Going up hill isn’t very easy though. 😉


Wheels pales. James loves doing things with his uncles!


Levi has mastered the art of one wheel!


Ready to ride:


Now that we have mastered balancing maybe we should work on getting the helmet to fit better.


If you’ve thought about trying a balance bike for your little person, I highly recommend one!


3 responses to “James and his bike!

  1. Never heard of those bikes before. What a little cutie James is!

  2. Oh, my goodness he is cute!!! Love those cheesy smiles!!!

  3. We have one for Cole and he cruises on it! He just turned two and I’m pretty confident that he would pick up peddling in no time now that he is mastering balance

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