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James’ first trip to the ER

Life is full of surprises, whether good or bad. I am a pretty easy going person, and I probably let my kids do things that aren’t the safest thing to do. Typically if it won’t seriously hurt them I let them do it. So far that has worked pretty well. We haven’t had any broken bones or other serious injuries. But last week James fell and cut open his head.  My boys love to take baths, and our house is so small that they can take baths while I work around the house. I can see them from both the kitchen and my bedroom, the living room is only a few feet away. Of course I am concerned about drowning, but cutting open one’s head wasn’t really on the radar for taking baths. On this particular day I could hear them laughing and playing while I was folding laundry in the living room. I don’t remember hearing a thump or a splash or anything but all of a sudden James started to cry. Now kids cry a lot, and since I don’t tend to hover over my kids I don’t rush to them when they start to cry. I’ll admit I may have folded a few shirts before I headed to the bathroom. I rounded the corner and there was my sweet boy covered in blood. It was running down his face, in his eyes and dripping into the bath tub. The first thing I did was dunk a wash cloth in the bath water and slapped it on his head. All the extra water ran down his face and nicely cleaned all the blood off, but James kept taking it off his head resulting in more blood. After doing this a few times I finally clued in that he didn’t like all the water in his eyes and gave him a dry one. I got him out and sat him on the couch.


Titus wasn’t home and it took me 5 minutes to get a hold of him. That was the longest 5 minutes of my life! It was pretty late at this point so Titus had to take him to the ER for stitches. The poor boy got 3 stitches ‘inside’ and 10 ‘outside’ to close the cut. He was perfect in the ER, and didn’t move at all while they did the stitches. All the nurses and the doctor loved him. Titus said the cut was so deep he could see the bone.  It’s a blogging fail that I don’t have any pictures from the ER. But this is what he looked like the next morning:



While talking to Titus on the phone about James, Gideon got into the little pots of grass seed that we had just planted that day. sigh


Gideon was jealous of James and kept pointing to his head and saying owie. Well the next week he got his wish with a blow to the head. Luckily he didn’t need stitches, but it sure bled a lot!


The doctor didn’t believe Titus when he told them James cut his head on the edge of the bath tub. And I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible either. James wasn’t anywhere close to the facet and the edge of the tub is rounded, there are no shower doors or anything sharp.  All I can say is two head wounds in one week is enough for this mommy!


Titus had a day off from work and we all needed to get out of the house. So we went hiking at the red rocks park that is only about 20 minutes from our house.



IMG_3090 IMG_3092 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3099

IMG_3089 IMG_3086

4th of July 2014

We had a small celebration of our nations freedom this year. We knew some of our families were getting together, and we always miss family on holidays. We did have a good day however.

First I have to show off the very cute t-shirts! I am so happy with how cute they are! Faith’s headband was made by her Aunt Tessa.  I could not get the kids to sit still though! This was the best one I got.


Going outside didn’t help at all either!

IMG_3050 IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3054

I like to make food that is patriotic. It helps celebrate in a bigger way I think. Plus it’s just fun! I wanted to do a picnic but we ended up eating in our back yard instead.


The Jello and cupcakes were a big hit!

IMG_3067 IMG_3061

IMG_3068 IMG_3069

Miss Faith. Her first 4th of July. She is almost 7 months!


We showed up just in time to see fireworks. Which turned out to be too late in city-ezz. It would be a small-town-there-is-always-room mentality that got us in trouble. There was no where to park! We ended up parking quite a ways away from the park, and walked for a while. In the end we sat in someone’s driveway. Next year we’ll probably go much earlier just to get a good parking spot!


Happy 4th of July! Remember freedom isn’t free! I am truly thankful for the freedoms I live with!

Making 4th of July t-shirts!

I saw some really cute t-shirts on pinterest a few months back that I wanted to make with the kids for 4th of July. While my family was here in June we decided to make them together.

First we got the supplies together:

T-shirts, paint, glitter, and some spiky balls.


In using the spiky balls you are trying to make fireworks, in red, white and blue.

James and Mommy


James really enjoyed this project. He did two shirts!


Gideon and Mommy:







We rarely do art projects. And these turned out so very very cute!


James and his bike!

James had a bike with training wheels last year. I have heard such good things about the new fad, balance bikes, so when I saw one at a sale for $10 we decided to give it a try.


A balance bike has no peddles and is very low to the ground. The point of the bike is to teach balance first, and peddling later. James’ fully relied on his training wheels before this bike. Now he pushes off with his feet and when he has enough speed picks up his feet and coasts. It took about a week for him to learn to do this.


Going up hill isn’t very easy though. 😉


Wheels pales. James loves doing things with his uncles!


Levi has mastered the art of one wheel!


Ready to ride:


Now that we have mastered balancing maybe we should work on getting the helmet to fit better.


If you’ve thought about trying a balance bike for your little person, I highly recommend one!

Babies in Buckets

I got the brilliant idea to take pictures of my kidos in the toy buckets. I was so excited that it was the first thing we did that morning!


I really wanted to do naked babies but first thing in the morning even before breakfast seemed like too much work.


James 3 1/2


Gideon 2


Faith 6 months


Three kids in 37 months keeps me on my toes, but I love them all so much and wouldn’t want it any other way!

IMG_2988 IMG_2989 IMG_2991 IMG_2993

I got this far and decided that I had to do some without clothes. So I stripped them all. These pictures turned out so cute!


My naked-loving three-year-old took it to heart when I said to take off his clothes. He even stripped his socks off. Someone please tell me that this is just a phase!


Gideon and Faith


James turned himself around:


And I thought that would be cute! So I turned them all around! Then James looked at me! Bummer!

IMG_3001 IMG_3002

And then suddenly someone remember we didn’t eat breakfast yet! 🙂


There is nothing better than summer!!

IMG_3004 IMG_3005

Book Review: Founding Mothers

Earlier this week I was at the library with my kids. After finding books about trucks, monkeys, bugs, and firefighters, I was heading to the front to check them out when I walked by this book:

I knew my boys wouldn’t sit through it and I almost walked past. But it made me curious and I grabbed it off the shelf. The next day Daddy was getting ready to read to the boys and I told him, “Oh no, not that one. That one is for me.” With eyebrows raised he asked why I checked out a kids book for myself. 🙂 Because I wanted to read it!

So this book as all about a few ladies in our nation’s history that did great things during the Revolutionary War. Each double page spread is about a different lady, how she met her husband and what she did for this country. The artist, Diane Goode, took great pains to try and copy each lady’s signature exactly how they wrote it themselves.  It’s a great book, one that our daughters and sons alike should read.  Of course you will read about the very famous ladies we all know about:

Dolley Madison (Did you know that she was so well known and powerful that people asked her to find them jobs with the government?)

Martha Washington (Did you know she was afraid of the sounds of guns, but still bravely lived at military camps for 8 winters?)

Abigail Adams (Did you know that she sent her husband advice about government and current updates about politics?)

I also learned about:

Esther Reed (Did you know that shortly after giving birth to her 6th child she organized a fundraiser to raise money for the troops?)

Mercy Otis Warren (Did you know that her letters to congress helped convince them to send army troops to Massachusetts?)

These are only a handful of the ladies covered in this book.  This book should inspire you to raise strong women. These women were strong, brave, and yet feminine. That is a picture of godly womanhood! I also noticed how these women embraced the role of a helpmeet as a spouse. They were constantly helping their husbands whether it was on the battle field or holding down the home front. They supported their husbands, and I’ll be that meant a lot to their men!

Margaret Corbin took over her husband’s gun after he died and was wounded so bad that she never worked again. She is buried at the military academy at West Point.

Mary Murray gave the British so much to drink that the Americans were able to escape without the British knowing about it.

Lydia Darragh spied on the British that used her house as a headquarters. She would write messages on paper then sew them under the buttons of her son’s coat when he went to visit his brother in the army.

George Washington wrote “You ladies are in the number of the best Patriots America can boast.”

If you have a little history lover in your home (or you want a quick 5-min history lesson yourself), I highly recommend this book. Inspire her (and yourself!) to become a strong but feminine woman! (Plus it has cute pictures!)