Hiking St. Mary’s Glacier

The last part of June some of my (Chantal’s) family was in town for a visit. Our good friends the Wehril’s were also in town so we met up to go hiking. We hiked to a glacier called St. Mary’s. It’s a pretty good hike up and absolutely beautiful at the top!

Chantal, Gideon, and Christine on the way up.


Saint Mary’s glacier is about 3/4’s of a mile up, so you are looking at 1 1/2 miles total hiking. It’s pretty rocky and high elevation (about 10,800 feet), so it’s not for the faint of heart. That being said, I am extremely out of shape and I carried kids up and down, and made it just fine. 🙂


James did awesome! Walked all the way up with Daddy (who is also carrying someone)!


This is what you will find at the top. A beautiful lake that is ‘fed’ by the glacier


And I of course tried to get a family picture. I love this first one!



Aunt Alaina and Gideon:


It’s was a bit chilly up there! But that didn’t stop the boys from playing in the water a little bit!




I love this picture so much. Uncles and nephews!



3 responses to “Hiking St. Mary’s Glacier

  1. Hey, I love all those pictures! Who is your photographer? 😉

  2. Gideon looks so cute, here- studying his aunts face so intently!

  3. so beautiful with the snow and the green!

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