Book Review: Be the Mom

I just finished this book a week or so ago. I sure hope I don’t get into any kind of trouble for advertising this book. 🙂 I promise I’m not plagiarizing! It’s just so good I needed to share! 🙂

 I highly recommend it to all my mommy friends that like to read.

The author, Tracey Lanter Eyster, starts off the preface with this,

“Be the Mom is a book for all moms, thought it didn’t start out that way. I began writing about my life experiences and the traps I found myself falling into so that one day I could pass them on to my young daughter when she enters motherhood. I wanted her to know that being a mom is hard but well worth it.”

She then continued the book with each chapter focusing on a ‘mom-trap’. She goes through all of them:

Just-a-Mom Trap: Is this it…..really?

Me Mom Trap: It’s my way or else, people!

Martyr Mom Trap: Another cold meal for me

Busy Mom Trap: Supermom to the rescue!

Mirror Mom Trap: Who’s the fairest?

Tomorrow Mom Trap: Tomorrow is another day.

They Say Mom Trap: You know what they say!

At the end of each chapter she has a little quiz to give yourself to see how you are doing and if you are stuck in a trap. She also gives you ideas and suggestions to bring you out of your funk. I’m doing pretty well right now, but I could have really used this book a year ago.

At the end of the book she writes,

“A mom goes life through the birth of her child and molds that life through the love and attention she provides her child. What a privilege it is to hear, “I love you, Mom!” spoken from little cherub lips that never tire of that phrase over and over. What a joy “Love ya!” is when it is heard in the deep, gravelly voice of a teenage boy.

The truth you must cling to is this: Whether or not you are currently feeling valued as a mom doesn’t detract from the fact  you are! Your Father in heaven sees you, appreciates you, and celebrates you for who you are!”

The last two sentences are,

“Each day you spend raising your precious children is an opportunity to lean into God’s love for you and share His love with your children. It really is the best job in the world.”

It’s a book about enjoying being a mom, about slowing down and being the mom your kids need. It’s funny, it’s encouraging, and it’s in your face about how to change into a better mom for your kids.

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