Planting spring flowers

The older I get the more and more I love flowers. I didn’t really like them in high school, but I love planting them now.  The practical side of me says not to spend the money since you can’t eat them. But I get so much enjoyment that it’s worth the money I spend. James was with me when I was picking out the flowers. He got caught up in the spirit of flower buying and picked out flowers for his own pot.

I showed him how to break up the roots before putting it in the dirt. I made a little hole for each plant and he put them in.


Then Gideon felt left out and I had some extra flowers so I found a broken sand bucket for Gideon to plant some flowers. He helped get the dirt.


When ever you do something with little children distractions always happen. Faith started to cry so we had to wait until she went down for a nap.




While they were waiting they played with their lawn mowers:



And checked the rain gauge. Poor Daddy! I guess the early bird gets to dump the water out first. 😉


I think I ended up finishing the flowers. But I had fun with my little people.

James’ flowers:


My flowers:


The the sand bucket flowers:


Carrying some of the flowers to the front steps:


Now our house looks pretty!

3 responses to “Planting spring flowers

  1. I wonder how long the flowers will stay in the sand buckets before they decide they want to play with the bucket and dumo out the flowers?? Lol thats something my children would do!!

  2. You better come over and plant stuff for me. Cuz I’m not getting ANYTHiNG planted!!!

  3. I am having a terrible time planting flowers thisyear!! Ug…i just haven’t gotten it done yet!

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