Healing a cut with Lavender oil

Warning: pictures of cuts, blood, and puss are in this post. Weak stomachs not advised.

My little brother Levi cut his ankle while in Texas. It wasn’t a big cut, but it was wide and a bit deep.  He probably needed stitches because that would have helped it heal much faster.  This is a picture a week after he cut it. As you can see it had started to heal around the edges but wasn’t making much progress.  Levi had also started complaining of it being swollen, and it had not so good coloring. It also had failed to scab over, even a week later.


So I took action! Okay, not really. It was more of  an experiment than anything. I wanted to know if the essential oil Lavender really does aid in healing the way I had read about. So we started putting one little drop of Lavender 3 to 4 times a day on Levi’s cut.

This is the morning of the fourth day after starting the drops of oil. The cut is quite a bit smaller, and the body is starting to push the infection out. Levi said he had gangrene infection. You could hear the excitement in his voice. Boys are so weird.


The next morning we had a set back when Levi scraped the cut again on the edge of the fridge. Poor boy!


Sadly this exciting story come at a screeching halt: Levi went back to MN before I could fully heal his ankle. I tried so hard to take a quick picture before he left, and it didn’t happen.  I also asked people at home to take a picture, that also didn’t happen. Even thought I don’t have picture proof I am happy to say that his cut finally did form a scab. A week after doing the oil his cut was smaller, his ankle was not swollen, nor was it infected.  Just the other day I asked someone at home how it was doing and they said it’s almost healed.

I specifically asked him if it hurt when I put the drop of Lavender on his cut. He said it did not, but after a few minutes maybe had a bit of discomfort. This was important information to me since I could be doing this treatment in the future to my children. Some of the medical ways to heal cuts can hurt a lot (liquid band aids comes to mind), and I wanted to know if this would be easier for my little people to handle.  I feel the experiment worked well! I am very pleased with the results, and plan on using Lavender in the future for big scraps and cuts that my very active children will more then likely be getting.  😀

I really wanted to end this post with a picture of Levi and myself together, but apparently I am lacking in picture taking in that area. But I did find this very cute picture of Levi and Lincoln with their homemade bike trailer.  This was the summer after Gideon was born so James is almost 2, Levi is probably 10 and Lincoln is 8.



3 responses to “Healing a cut with Lavender oil

  1. Also, soaking in a bathtub helps.
    Thanks for the lavender oil idea. I need to learn more about oils.

  2. Man that’s a skinny ankle!! And I like how you experimented on your brother first!! lol.

  3. Sirena really like this too. She has been talking to me a lot about oils for asthma and arthritis.

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