Lincoln’s 10th birthday

One of the sad things I brought up to Titus when talking about moving was birthdays. Our kids would miss out on family birthdays and family would miss out on our children’s birthdays.  We have so much family that lives so close together in MN that I used to have to make two cakes in order to have enough for everyone.  Unbelievably, we haven’t missed out as much as I thought we would. Emma was here for James birthday, which made it very special. Emma was also here for her birthday, which we tried to make special for her.  Then Levi was visiting here for his 12th birthday (sorry no pictures, I was sick) and Titus’ parents were here for Gideon’s 2nd birthday . And Lincoln was here for his 10th b-day! (And no, you don’t have to read all those links. I recently figured out how to do them and I’m practicing. 😉 )

Lincoln decided that he wanted to go to Focus on the Family’s Whit’s End for his birthday. If you haven’t been there put it on your to visit list! It’s a great center for kids! The biggest reason Lincoln wanted to go was because he wanted to record an Adventures in Odyssey at the Kid’s Radio Studio.  This is free to do and you get to take home a CD of your recording.


Levi and I did the speaking parts and Lincoln did all the sound effects (walking, door closing, pencil sharpening etc.).


James was very sad he wasn’t included. He sat at the door until we were done.


Playing with puppets. They have a whole puppet stage set up for kids to put on shows.


All the boys eating pizza at Whit’s Soda Shop. (Notice James doing the thumbs up too. He does everything his uncles do!)


Levi took this. Great picture of Faith, not so great of me.


Climbing through the secret passage with daddy.


Because we live so close we were only gone for the morning. After naps we opened presents and had cake.





In case you haven’t been reading shirt through all the pictures all four boys have shirts on that say awesome on it. 🙂


Happy Birthday Lincoln!


4 responses to “Lincoln’s 10th birthday

  1. Pretty cool!

  2. TEN?!?

  3. Wonderful, Chantal!! I want you to do all my picture-taking and scrapbook blogging since I never do!!! And ALL my kids birthdays!! Lol.

    • Ha ha, well Mom if you buy me a new computer I’ll do it for you!! But you will have to take the pictures. It would be kinda fun to write someone else’s blog.

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