Ethiopian Food!

This past week Titus’ parents were here and we got to go on a date. I made a deal with Titus, if I got to pick the restaurant he could pick the movie! I’ve been wanting to Ethiopian food for quite a while!

This restaurant was on the top 5 list for Denver! The number one place to go was over an hour away, so we went here instead.


I’m soooo happy! (And the mango juice in the corner was super yummy)


What Ethiopian food looks like. The bread is kind of spongy and is made from the smallest grain. We got a chicken side, beef side, yellow split pea side, and a cabbage side.  We both liked the split pea side the best! The chicken was pretty good too!


My brave hubby!  Despite the picture he did like it!!


Titus and his Ethiopian coffee.


Thanks honey for taking me there!  It was sooo yummy!!


4 responses to “Ethiopian Food!

  1. So then, what movie did he pick?

  2. Oh, I’m so happy!! We are checking that restaurant out as soon as I get there!!!!!

  3. Good picks! We don’t have Ethiopian, so we did Cheese Cake Factory!

  4. good for you!

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