Family Fun Friday

We went swimming for Family Fun Friday last Friday. My boys just LOVE this pool! I wonder why.


Yes that is a pirate ship in the middle of the pool!

IMG_2551 IMG_2552

Coming out of the tunnel that goes through the bottom of the ship.


This wonderful baby sat in her car seat for a while before I had to hold her. Amazing baby! My boys never never would have done that!


James coming down the slide.


Pretty sure there is nothing cuter than a chubby baby in a swimming suit!


Watching every one play.


James is quite the little fish in the water! And he is fearless! We have to keep a close eye on him because he would bounce his little body straight to the deep end! This pool has the beach style entry which is really great for Gideon. The water is extremely warm too, which is great for kids. Faith didn’t actually get in, but maybe next time. 🙂

2 responses to “Family Fun Friday

  1. where is this Chantel? Looks like fun!

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