Family Friday : At the Zoo

Last Friday for Family Fun Friday we went to the Denver Zoo! Gideon had never been to a zoo and James had only been to one over a year ago. It was a chilly 45 with a slight wind so it was kinda cold, but I had my heart set on going. It was going to be $40 for all of us to get in so we ended up buying a family pass. It will pay for its self very fast.

The kids were excited to see the animals. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and I’d say we didn’t even see half of the zoo.

Giraffes! I think they are my favorite!


Sea Lions. We watched them for a while swimming on top of the water before we knew about this underwater glass. The sea lions swim right up to the glass.

IMG_2509 IMG_2508

This was the elephant pen. It kinda felt like jail. On a more positive note I have never seen such a neat set up for elephants before. The whole elephant part had a feel of being in Sri Lanka. Not only do you get to see elephants but you get a lesson in geography and culture too too! Very neat!


Our little map reader. Did you know that toddlers that read maps walk. very. very. slow?


Showing Daddy where he want’s to go next.


Rino. Why do the animals always stand with their backsides to you?


I think I’ll wait for it to warm up a bit before we go next time. The animals were not very active because it was so cold. They were all sleeping in the sun (which I can’t blame them for that. I love to do that too!) Money-bags-Daddy bought both the boys stuffed alligators at the gift shop. They are huge, about the size of Faith! I think they have played with them every day since, and go to sleep with them every night.


We got four one time use tickets to get into the zoo for free. Come visit us and we’ll take you! 😀

One response to “Family Friday : At the Zoo

  1. So in Shark vs. Alligator, who wins?

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