My First Day of Pinterest

I have avoided Pinterest for years for several reasons. A. I felt like I spent too much time on the internet already, why would I add a new addiction? B. I had heard that it’s hard to not measure up to what other people are doing on Pinterest. Why would I set myself up for failure? My cousin told me that yes it does take time, but it’s some of her more productive time spent on the internet. Plus I tend to be a pretty confident person. I also am not very creative. I need others to inspire me! So a few days ago I joined, and yesterday (Thursday) I did a bunch of Pinterest inspired things. 🙂 Why in the world I did a bunch all in one day I’ll never know. Here are my successes, and failures. 😉

I’ve been wanting to make a beef pot pie for the last few months, but don’t have a recipe. But I found this one on pinterest and tried it. The crust was an utter failure! But the rest of it was pretty good.  I made a few changes (no mushrooms cuz of the hubby) and I think I will add in green beans next time. The hubbs hasn’t tried it yet so I’m not even sure there will be a next time.


Then I had ‘pinned’ a bunch of ideas on how to take cute pictures of Faith. This is where it gets interesting. The first one didn’t go too badly.


I like their background better, and I think it would have helped my picture a lot if mine had been different. I did try some outside, and the lighting was sooo much better, but too bright for Faith.

This one wasn’t too bad either. I just didn’t make my words big enough and didn’t have time to try to print off new ones.


This went pretty well!


It all goes down hill after that though. I thought this was so cute, but it didn’t go so well.



Double fail!


I decided I was too close and backed up. Epic fail!


This is the best one I got. I decided that a. the baby in the picture is way way smaller than Faith. and b. he/she has some serious head control for a baby so small.


What about you? Are you successful in doing your Pinterest projects? And can someone tell me the point of following someone on Pinterest? Is it just another way to stalk someone? Or to give you ideas? If so then you should really only follow people that have the same likes and interests as you, right?


6 responses to “My First Day of Pinterest

  1. Lol. I wondered about the odd last pic but didn’t want to ask. Haha.

  2. Oh this made me chuckle. Cute blog post.

  3. The more people you follow the more pins that will show up…

  4. I really like the clothes line pic!! I should try it when our new one comes!!

  5. Cute post! I follow people to get their ideas. My mom & I made a meatball parm yesterday from pinterest & it was so good!

  6. Cute! Most of my pins are re-pins of the people I follow. So yes, I try to follow people and boards with the same taste as me. So I spend time each day looking over pins that my friends have pinned and then just when I’m looking for something specific do I go and search and browse the whole site.

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