100 Days Celebration!

Guess who is 100 days old today?


On the baby calender I have for Faith it has a sticker for 100 days old. I thought it would be fun to have a little party to celebrate that!


I blew up 100 balloons (Titus helped a little bit) to signify each day of Faith’s life.


James and Gideon had a blast running through the balloons!




Watching her brothers play


Gideon and Faith


Attacking Daddy with balloons!


You can’t have a party without cake!


I made the prettiest pink cake!


100 Days old photo shoot!

IMG_2415 IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2431 IMG_2436 IMG_2458

We love you Faith! And we have had so much fun these last 100 days.



I just discovered yesterday that I have been running a week ahead in March. I’m sad and heartsick to say that since I have been off a week we didn’t not celebrate Faith’s 100 days old on 100 days, but on 93. 😦 I am so sad and frustrated with myself.


6 responses to “100 Days Celebration!

  1. aww she’s so cute!

  2. Adorable!! She’s starting to look like Titus. Great party!! And the red couch looks great!

  3. you had a great time it looks like! what a fun idea! the pictures of baby Faith are so adorable! she is photogenic, i think!

  4. So sweet, Chantal:) She has such a beautiful, feminine little face. The clothesline photo makes me smile:)

  5. She is looking more and more like her brothers!!

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