Daily Archives: March 5, 2014

The Penner Family as Snowmen

If anyone knows me well knows I don’t like to “play” in the snow. I’m not fond of sledding, I HATE snowball fights, even snowmobiling isn’t that fun (but I’ve only done that once or twice so maybe I haven’t given it a good enough try).

Anyway, James has been asking to make a snowman and we got an inch or two of very wet snow last night.  So I hid my displeasure and while Faith took her  morning nap the boys and I went outside and made a snowman family.

I am obviously not very good at this.  The middle snow ball ended up the same size as the bottom snow ball. 😦


And then when I put it on top of the first snowball it broke all over the place. James kept saying, “It’s okay Mommy. It’s okay!”


James got really good at rolling snowballs.


Gideon liked to pat snow on top of the heads.


James tried to dig up some rocks for eyes, but it was a lot of work so we abandoned that idea after just a few.


Almost done, the “noses” were momentarily being eaten so we had to wait until Gideon was done with that!


Meet The Daddy (complete with a USMC hat)


The Mommy and Baby Faith

(Gideon had just dumped a bunch of dirt on the head so it looks like the mommy has a black eye)


Meet James and Gideon


The  Penner Snowman Family


I actually had a really fun time and I think it’s because it was so warm  outside.  Whatever it was we had fun!

Can you imagine the Duggers making their family into snowmen?