Beating the Thrush Bully, and other nursing news

I’m on my third nursing child now.  Faith is almost 2 months old and so far I have not had to give up any food.  This is very encouraging!  With James I had to give up dairy for quite a while, and Gideon I gave up wheat AND dairy for about 2 or 3 months.  It’s hugely unfair, but I do it for my babies because I know it’s the best thing for them!  It’s the whole dying to ones self that happens when you become a mom.  Nursing Faith has not been a picnic though. In the first month I had a plugged duct and a milk blister (both of which are really really painful). As I was getting over those I started to think I had thrush.  I had thrush when Gideon was about a month old, so I knew some of the signs.  I had some burning after Faith would eat, and I was kinda pink, and she was having a hard time latching on.  All of these are signs of thrush.  I had a hard time getting rid of it with Gideon, partly because I had a really really bad case (because it went on for so long with me knowing what was wrong), and because he got thrush in his mouth.  But I caught it really early with Faith, and since she didn’t have it yet I went the home remedy route.


(the most modest nursing picture you’ve ever seen!)

There are tons of home remedies out there for thrush so you have your pick of what you want to do.  I’m over two weeks free of any symptoms so I think thrush is gone for good!  And I never saw a doctor! 🙂  I started with Gentian Violet.  You can buy this pretty much anywhere that has a pharmacy. The good thing about this is that it treats both mother and baby.  It doesn’t always work (it didn’t help with Gideon), so I decided to do something else as well.  


(Totally satisfied! She loves to nurse!)

I had read a few different places that baking soda helps balance the PH level in your body. A yeast infection is an imbalance of PH in your body.  One website I read said to mix 1T with water and drink daily, one website said 2t and one site said 1t.  Well I got out that tablespoon, and knew right away that I couldn’t do it.  So I did 2 teaspoons mixed in water the first day. It. was. horrible!!  I burped baking soda the rest of the day!  So the next day I did only 1 teaspoon, which I got down, and did that for the next 10 days. It seemed to get easier to get down as the days went on.  I also took a probiotic that specialized in yeast imbalance (I’m still taking this).

I think it was a mixture of all these things that helped get rid of the thrush. My midwife said she thinks I’m just prone to yeast infections, not something anyone wants to hear.  But at least I have a plan next time!  I bought some grapefruit seed extract that is also supposed to be really good at getting rid of thrush.  I think I’ll try that next time instead of the Gentian Violet since that can be kinda messy.

I’m also dealing with toddler gymnastics while I nurse Faith.


Yes I did take that picture while nursing and being attacked all at the same time. It is extremely annoying! Everything I’ve done hasn’t helped.  Almost every time I sit down to nurse I have Gideon crawling all over my shoulders.  Hopefully it’s just a stage that will go away very soon. Any thoughts anyone has that might help I’m an open book.  Every time he climbs up on the chair I tell him he has to sit nice or he has to get down.  I’ve been pretty consistent too, at putting him on the floor as soon as he climbs up on my shoulders.  It hasn’t helped.  I’ve tried reading to him or distracting him with other things, no go. I usually end up calling for Titus to come help and even that doesn’t work sometimes!

Even though I haven’t had the easiest of times nursing, I still like it.  And honestly I’m to lazy to bottle feed.  With nursing it’s always ready, the perfect temperature, I can’t forget it at home, I can’t run out and I don’t have any bottles that need washing (I have a hard enough time keeping up with the dishes!). I’m not going to forget to mention the amazing benifites it gives to my kids, and the fact that it’s lowering chances of getting breast cancer for me. I know it’s not for everyone, but for me it’s great!


13 responses to “Beating the Thrush Bully, and other nursing news

  1. So glad you’re all right. I’ve prayed for you tons.

  2. I was just thinking about you last night and wondering how the thrush was going! I’ve heard about having a special basket of toys, puzzles or whatever that toddlers only get to play with while mommy’s nursing. Maybe worth a try?

  3. Your so brave with all the nursing problems. I’m lucky to not have very many. I think I’m too lazy to bottle feed especially during the night.

    • Maxine, I’m totally with you on bottle feeding at night! Wayyyy to much work. Although I have heard that formula fed babies sleep longer stretches at night.

  4. Love the new picture.

  5. Could you read to Gideon while Faith nurses? I’m sure you’ve tried that. Several of our kids did that too so I know how annoying it is.

  6. My older kids always climed on me too. This is why I prefer my recliner….i feel safer cuz they usually dont get up by my shoulders but they will sit on the arm rest.

  7. My one year old is an all over the place kind of kid and lately I’ve taken to putting him in his highchair when I need to concentrate on something.

    • Christy believe it or not I don’t have a high chair right now. But I like that way you think….maybe a straight jacket or something??

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