Spring cook out – Winter walks

Last week we had such nice weather. So nice that I ran to the store and got some wood and hot dogs/brats to cook outside.  My little men were so excited about it. Titus cooking a brat. He gave me the first one, he’s so sweet to me!


The little people enjoying themselves: (I love how Gideon is looking at his hotdog!)


You can see me and Faith in the background. Can you believe I was actually worried she might get a sunburn? Is this January?


My country boy! Love him!


Faith and Mommy:




The next week (yesterday) we got dumped on with snow.  And we are supposed to get more every few days for the next week or so.  Maybe winter has finally come to Colorado?  Titus was asked to shovel the church side walks after it snows and of course James has to help. Aren’t they cute together?




The snow on his boots bothered him a bit:


Then the snow on his hands from touching his boots bothered him:


I should wear big sunglasses more often in pictures because it covers up my awful eye bags that are totally hereditary!


Exploring in the snow:


Kinda looks like the tree wants to start budding!


Gideon really wanted to be with Titus and James, but we had to stay in the back yard because Faith was sleeping and I had to keep checking on her.  This didn’t go over very well so after some crying we went back inside.


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