Winter Park Days

The past week as been so nice.  We have gone to the park three days in a row.  It’s great for my boys to run off some energy and to get some very valuable vitamin D.


On this day at the park there were twin 3 year old girls that had just as much energy as my boys.  James loved playing with them.



My little ham




Titus went with us to the park this day.  I took all the kids on Sunday by myself and it was a lot.  So I made him go with us.


Our little princess!


At the edge of the park is a Christmas tree recycling picking point.  It’s super depressing to walk by this every time we go to the park.  Our tree is in there some where:


4 responses to “Winter Park Days

  1. SO glad you can get out and play!!!And without coats!!!

  2. If you are thinking straight, you will never move back to Minnesnowta. What I wouldn’t give for weather nice enough to go to the park.

  3. But being with Sharon for one day is worth three sunny days living far from her.

  4. Your children are adorable!!!!!

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